Tes Maths ROTW: Maths facts tests

Challenge students' mathematical knowledge across a variety of key topics with these facts tests, this week's Tes Maths ROTW pick.

Tes Resources Team

Challenge Students' Mathematical Knowledge With These Facts Tests, This Week's Tes Maths ROTW

Review knowledge across a range of maths topics with these facts tests, by richardtock

What is it?

There is little doubt students knowing certain facts in maths - such as what the interior angles of a triangle add up to, or the value of 3 cubed - is a good thing. However, exactly how we help pupils acquire these facts is very much up for debate.

While some people may view the teaching of these facts as 'drill and kill', I prefer to label the process as 'drill and thrill'. This resource is full of maths facts that can be used in a fun, engaging way and should prove very beneficial to learners.

How can it be used?

The resource is set up like a spelling test. One sheet of paper consists of the facts students need to learn, and the other sheet has these facts but with key pieces of information missing. So, students learn the fact, and then test themselves. And it is this process of self-testing that is the key. 

These sets of maths facts could be stuck in students books, or used to form knowledge organisers. They can then be accessed by students in tutor time, or if there are five minutes spare at the start of a lesson, to develop the all-important habit of self-quizzing. Or pupils could test each other. The whole family could even get involved!

Craig Barton was speaking to Heather Charles. He is a secondary maths teacher in the north of England.