Tes ROTW: Estimation by rounding

Craig Barton
11th February 2019

Engage students with this complete, well-structured sequence of lessons on estimation by cparkinson3

What is it? 

Estimation is such an important everyday skill for students to learn and a favourite for of GCSE exam boards. This resource covers a  whole sequence of lessons. It all kicks off with a wonderful Spider activity, adapted from Alutwyche’s spiders which have featured previously on Resource of the Week. Then follows a sequence of well-chosen worked examples, complete with step-by-step solutions. We then have practice questions which get increasingly complex, interleaving in High Value Concepts, all culminating in a lovely challenge activity!

How can it used? 

I really like the way the author states prerequisite knowledge in the resource description:


  • Percentages of amounts

  • Rounding with significant figures and decimals.

Dealing with this first ensures that students will get the most out of this sequence of lessons, instead of having to think hard about concepts they should already be familiar with. I always advise adapting resources on TES to suit the needs of your class, but this is one of the few resources where I have not found the need to change anything. I like the choice and variety of the questions; the only thing I do differently is to hand-write the steps of the worked examples live in class, as opposed to using the pre-written ones. However, just seeing the steps and the associated commentary vastly improved how I delivered them.


Thanks so much for sharing! 
Craig Barton 

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