They shall not grow old

Peter Jackson's film 'They shall not grow old' uses primary footage shot during the First World War enhanced to bring history to life.

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In order to help you use this fantastic resource in the classroom, we have broken down the film into bitesize themed sections and provided you with the start time of each themed section in brackets (below). 

Recruitment (4 minutes 46 seconds)

"I was taught that any enemy of England was an enemy of mine and I wanted to be in it."


Life in the Army (14 minutes 30 seconds)

"I liked to be told what I had to do because there was a reason for doing it!"


Weaponry (18 minutes 45 seconds/ 51 minutes 40 seconds)

"I'd never seen a dead man and I wondered if it came to my shooting a man whether I would be able to do this!"​

Trench Life (25 minutes 43 seconds)

"It was one of the most desolate looking places in the world, you never saw a sign of life."​


Going into battle (1 hour)

"Just as I stepped into no mans land, somebody was shot through the head!"​


Medicine/Surgery (1 hour 15 minutes)

"If he was dead, then he was no trouble - medically."


Knowing the enemy (1 hour 19 minutes)

"The general agreement when talking to Germans was how useless war was and why did it have to happen?"


The end of the war (1 hour 24 minutes)

"At 11 o clock the noise and the gunfire just rolled away like a peal of thunder in the distance."​

Images credits: These film stills from 'They Shall Not grow Old' have been restored and colourised by WingNut Films with Peter Jackson.© IWM (IWM 191) Original black and white​