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Kick-start the revision season with these theory-based quizzes, activities and lesson ideas for for PE pupils of all ages

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Motivate pupils ahead of their exams with these teacher-led lesson activities

At any age, PE theory exams are about being able to understand the body and how it works while exercising. Therefore, it is essential to take time during revision lessons to improve your students' ability to recall specific terminology and ensure they can logically explain complicated processes. 

To help you out, we’ve hand-picked a range of top revision resources, from quizzes to games, which will make revision less painful.

KS3 resources

Ease younger learners into revision lessons using this diet and health quiz*, complete with answers, where gaps in understanding can be identified and rectified in future sessions. 

Alternatively, encourage students to revise in groups and recap theory lessons on the circulatory system by playing this loop card activity. On the same topic, refresh pupils' knowledge with this heart and circulation board game*, in which players must travel in the same direction as the blood. 

KS4 resources

Ask pupils to challenge their peers with these revision cards, covering all the topics in the new GCSE specification. Why not encourage them to make notes on the areas that require a bit more study? 

For a more light-hearted approach, this game of revision pong can help pupils answer stand-alone questions and provide them with tips on the sort of content needed for longer answers. Equally, this Blockbuster-style game is ideal for use as a starter or plenary alongside more in-depth revision lessons.

Post-16 resources

Aimed at A-level pupils, this revision presentation summarises the effects of exercise on components of the heart and nervous system.

Get students to cut out and play a game of pictorial dominoes to aid the revision of topics such as motor skills classification and movement. For something a bit more robust, pairs of students can use this 130 questions card pack* to recap the skills acquisition component of the course. 

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KS3 resources KS4 resources Post-16 resources
Diet and health quiz* Revision cards Cardio vascular presentation
Loop card activity Revision pong

Pictorial dominoes

Heart board game* Blockbuster-style game Skill acquisition questions*

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