Top picks for celebrating Australia Day

Lenore Rodrigues and Nicola Davison
15th January 2016
Australia Day

A nation celebrates

Tuesday 26 January marks Australia Day.  It’s a day when the nation stops and has the chance to celebrate its diverse history. We also look ahead to the future by welcoming new citizens who can call themselves Australian for the first time, after being conferred citizenship. Driven by community, Australia Day is celebrated with events in each town and city, and may include barbeques and fireworks displays.

There are many great resources to help students and school communities learn about all things Australian.  Here are a few of our favourites:


Ideas for young learners

Launch your Australia Day topic by giving students the opportunity to explore this simple online resource, which offers facts and images related to the weather, landmarks and wildlife of Australia. Learners can use their new-found knowledge to design their own flag, reflecting the aspects of the culture that are important to them. They can practise basic literacy skills with this cross-curricular workbook, packed full of fun activities all about Australia.


Resources for older students

Explore the lives of early Australian settlers, including images of housing, clothing and food, with this fascinating PowerPoint presentation and learn more about the Australian aboriginals through their symbols and art in this short, cross-curricular unit. Help students to understand the significance of Australia Day for those who have emigrated to the country with this thought-provoking lesson.


Why not try…

Ideal for a wide range of ages and abilities, these research-based lessons are a great way to explore the history and meaning of Australia Day and the importance of indigenous symbols

Brighten up your classroom and display your pupils’ learning with these Australian-themed resources, including a banner, border strips and templates for blank and lined paper.


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