Understanding Trump's election victory

Make sense of the recent US election with these hand-picked resources exploring the political system generally, as well as the result

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Informative lesson ideas to help you to explore the US political system and the result of the presidential election with your students

9 November 2016. The day that Donald Trump, businessman and reality TV personality, became President-elect of the United States.

In the wake of the most recent, and potentially most controversial, presidential election, we’ve highlighted lesson and activity ideas to explain the workings of the US political system, as well as to open up discussion about the result.

Teaching the US political system

Use this fascinating video to transport your students back in time to the adoption of the constitution and discover how the first politicians came to exist. Fast forward to the present day and investigate the political structure using this explanatory presentation*.

These well-structured worksheets can be easily adapted to offer a straightforward introduction to presidential elections generally, using this year’s as an example. Encourage older pupils to consider the criticisms of this system in these thoughtful lessons.

Studying the 2016 presidential election

Analyse the voting patterns across the country with this interactive presentation*, which also gets pupils thinking about reactions of both Trump and Clinton. Alternatively, combine learning about Trump’s victory with the practising of key literacy skills using these simple activities.

It’s not too late to get learners engaging in a critical democratic discussion, so why not use the motions outlined in this document to start a debate? In advance of that, allow pupils to get to know the President-elect by sharing the key facts and policies outlined in this insightful presentation*.

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