Update: New upload process

Heather Imrie
16th September 2015


New upload process for resources

If you've published a resource on TES this week you'll have noticed a couple of changes. We've summarised below the new features and what's different, as well as pointing out what we've kept or modified. Have you used the new uploader? Let us know your thoughts via email, we really appreciate your feedback.


What’s new?

Drag and drop file upload – it’s now quicker and easier to select multiple files to upload.

Age range slider – a more user-friendly way to select the relevant ages that your resource is appropriate for.

Price slider –  we've removed the pre-set rate choices so you are free to price your resources more flexibly.

Subject and topic category picker – we’ve simplified the previous version to make picking category tags more straight-forward. 

Top tip! Only tag your resource to directly relevant topic areas, otherwise you risk surfacing in searches that aren't 100% related, which can often result in lots of views and few downloads or purchases on your resource page.


What’s still in there?

Title and description – with helpful tips on how to make them work harder.

Resource type – users filter search results using this criteria, so try to make it as accurate as possible.

Licence choice – the point at which you choose the conditions under which to share your free or premium resource.

Authorship disclaimer – this is your confirmation that you own or have permission to publish all of the content of your resource on TES.


I have a question

We’d love to help. Contact us with your experiences – positive and negative – and we would also be happy to hear any suggestions or requests for future development.


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