US: Getting to grips with classroom management

Hand-picked classroom management resources to maintain discipline and reinforce positive behavior at the start of the academic year.

Nicola Davison

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Top resources, tips and strategies to help you tackle discipline in the classroom

It’s no secret that effective classroom management is of vital importance when it comes to creating a safe and productive learning environment for your students. And there’s no better time than the start of the academic year to take a step back and review your existing approach.

Whether you’re looking for resources to support you in setting up clear rules and procedures, or to reinforce positive behavior, we’ve got you covered with this hand-picked collection of tools, charts and guides.

Pre-K, K and elementary resources

Brighten up your classroom (and save your voice!) with these printable signs ($3), including 25 eye-catching designs and directions for use.

For something a bit more hands-on, this colourful clip chart ($2) is a great way to recognise and encourage children to act appropriately in your classroom. Alternatively, get your students tracking their own successes with these well-designed sticker charts.

Help learners to process their feelings and solve problems rationally with these cognitive behavior worksheets ($5). Then, why not acknowledge their positive actions and decisions with these “Caught you being good” slips?

Middle and high school resources

Use this editable presentation to outline classroom rules and rewards at the start of the academic year. This comprehensive modification binder ($5) is packed full of other tools, including points cards and charts, to raise expectations and facilitate learners' self-improvement.

This time-saving referral form ($3) is ideal for documenting and communicating classroom incidents to monitor student conduct across a department or school. Encourage repeat offenders to take control of their own progress towards specified behavioral targets with this well-structured template.

For even more inspiration, this toolkit contains a wide range of tips and strategies for tackling low-level disruption.

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Pre-K, K and elementary Middle and high school
Classroom signs ($3) Rules and expectations presentation
Behavior clip chart ($2) Behavior modification binder ($5)
Chevron sticker charts Referral form ($3)
Cognitive behavior worksheets ($5) Target card template
“Caught you being good” slips Behavior management toolkit

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