Welcoming your new primary class

Sian Evans
30th June 2016
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Fun resources to help you get to know your new students at the start of term

What better way to get to know your new class than with a few simple activities designed to ease learners into sharing their ideas with you and their classmates?

From creating individual fact files to breaking the ice with other pupils, we’ve selected a range of engaging resources that will help your new class to settle in, as well as give you an insight into individual characters and the class dynamic.

Individual activities

The easiest way to get to know the children in your new class is by planning activities that are focused on their likes and dislikes. Find out basic information with this well-structured poster, which could become part of a unique classroom display. Or, encourage them to create their own personalised fact file to provide you with a more in-depth introduction to themselves.

For a more creative approach, why not get learners to imagine that they are a superhero with their own special powers in this engaging lesson? Alternatively, prompt them to reveal their hobbies and interests with this me-in-a-bag activity, in which teachers share physical objects that reflect their lifestyle before asking pupils to draw things that they like.

Whole-class activities

Break the ice and get learners talking to each other with this simple worksheet which can only be completed by interacting with other class members. Then, help individuals to understand how they are one part of a puzzle that fits together as a whole class with this jigsaw piece activity

Take this learning one step further by encouraging your students to work together to create and sign up to a positive class manifesto, teaching them about rule-making and taking responsibility. And continuing the theme of positivity, why not play this simple back-to-school bingo game*, packed full of adjectives that describe the qualities that make up a good student.

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