Welcoming your new primary class

Sian Evans
30th June 2016
Primary class introduction resource in action

Fun resources to help you get to know your new students at the start of term

What better way to get to know your new class than with a few simple activities designed to ease learners into sharing their ideas with you and their classmates?

From creating individual fact files to breaking the ice with other pupils, we’ve selected a range of engaging resources that will help your new class to settle in, as well as give you an insight into individual characters and the class dynamic.

Individual activities

The easiest way to get to know the children in your new class is by planning activities that are focused on their likes and dislikes. Find out basic information with this well-structured poster, which could become part of a unique classroom display. Or, encourage them to create their own personalised fact file to provide you with a more in-depth introduction to themselves.

For a more creative approach, why not get learners to imagine that they are a superhero with their own special powers in this engaging lesson? Alternatively, prompt them to reveal their hobbies and interests with this me-in-a-bag activity, in which teachers share physical objects that reflect their lifestyle before asking pupils to draw things that they like.

All About Me poster - Class Transition

An activity for children to introduce themselves to new class teachers. Can edit to suit your own class.
By Liese131

Back to school factfile

A 4 page factfile to use with a new class which includes information about hobbies and interests, friends and family, and likes and dislikes at school. Great as a 'getting to know you&' activity.
By Lorea

New Class 'Getting To Know You' Superhero Lesson

Complete lesson with extension activities and follow on work suggestions. Highly creative and engaging - getting to know you - type lesson but with a fun twist your class will love. Enables assessment of writing, creativity and artistic ability whilst also finding out about your class in a way that is enjoyable and accessible for all. Suitable for all ages as long as they can write! Suitable for first days, new beginnings or even with an established class.
By TheFutureTeacherFoundation

Me in a bag - activity for new class

This is an activity I do in the first week in September with a new class. I bring in a large handbag with lots of things inside that would tell somebody what time of person I am. It might reveal hobbies etc. I share this with the childen and then we discuss what might be in their bags. I then blow the sheet up to A3 and the children draw lots of things that describe themselves, in a bag.
By lcdixon88

Whole-class activities

Break the ice and get learners talking to each other with this simple worksheet which can only be completed by interacting with other class members. Then, help individuals to understand how they are one part of a puzzle that fits together as a whole class with this jigsaw piece activity

Take this learning one step further by encouraging your students to work together to create and sign up to a positive class manifesto, teaching them about rule-making and taking responsibility. And continuing the theme of positivity, why not play this simple back-to-school bingo game*, packed full of adjectives that describe the qualities that make up a good student.

Icebreaker activity for a new class

This activity gets learners moving around and talking to each other. Pupils have to go around the class asking their peers questions to find a name of someone who matches each description on the sheet. They should try and find a different person for each one.
By exploringtolearn

jigsaw piece

A jigsaw piece that can be reproduced as many times as needed. The pieces will interlock together to make a jisaw as big or as small as you need. This piece fits on an A4 piece of paper, but obviously can be enlarged on a photocopier. Brilliant resource for work with your new class. Activity based on how well they fit together. they create a jigsaw piece about themselves, and then fit them together, and learn about each other.
By virgilsgirl

Make a class Manifesto (Class Rules)

I came up with this last year as a more positive alternative to the dreaded class rules! We looked at some examples of manifestos and I wrote my own. We then put ideas together to write our own class manifesto, which we all agreed to and signed at the beginning of the year. *If you download - please take time to rate and comment, makes it all worthwhile!*
By mmmunchkin

Back to School 5 in a Row Positive Bingo

Celebrate the start of the year with your class with this fun Back to School Positive Bingo game.This is a self running game on the computer, whiteboard or projector.

Included are words to reinforce positive behaviour in your class to create the perfect class from gamification. There are enough cards for the whole class. 30 bingo Cards Included. I have played this game with my own class at the start of last year and they loved it.

This Bingo game is also useful all year round when your are needing to reinforce positive classroom relationships. In particular perfect for those hard to reach classes all year round.

The games can run on computers, whiteboards or projectors. All that is required is that you print, cut and laminate the Boards and press start on the PowerPoint Show.

There are 30 different Boards for your students to choose from and with the shuffling ability of the game, every game is different so that your students do not get bored of it. This game is self timed with a 10 second interval between the questions giving the students enough time to mark off or put a counter on their Board.


By Kiwilander

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