World Space Week: Your best ideas

Nicola Davison
01st October 2015

Resources for World Space Week (4 - 10 Oct)

With the news that British astronaut Tim Peake is due to join the crew of the International Space Station in December, there is a lot to shout about on the run up to World Space Week.

From 4 - 10 October, schools around the world will celebrate this era’s contributions to deep space science as part of the 2015 theme – discovery.  To mark this, we’ve pulled together a collection of cross-curricular resources to inspire you to promote the wonder of space in your classroom, whatever your subject.


Check out Nasa Education's profile page on TES to find over 250 space-related resources for primary.



Take a look at our Earth and space collection page for more inspiring resources and ideas.


Are you doing something special or exciting for World Space Week? Tweet @tesResources or drop us an email about your galatic adventures!


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