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    Identify the place value of a decimal

    Lesson presentations and activities

    • Here are a set of problem cards to get children thinking about place value with decimals.

      • Place-value---decimals---problems.pdf


      lee-royday10 months ago5

      Great accessible resource for my Year 7s. I presented it as a competition in pairs and as they completed one card, I checked it then gave them the next card. Worked really well, thanks.

      rhollywell3 years ago4

      ozzyshortstop343 years ago5

      Thank you

    • This is a set of resources I designed for a low ability year 7 group I teach to introduce the concept of decimals and their size and different ways of displaying them. I focus mainly on one and two decimal place numbers. It could lead to work on ordering decimals.
      The student sheet is designed for them to fill in with place value and examples. There is then a shading sheet for tenths and one for hundredths. Finally there are some cards which contain 9 different 1 and 2 decimal place numbers where pupils have to sort into their groups - decimal number version, shaded version (using a 10x10 grid), number line version and a version where the decimal is spelled. This could develop into understanding that, say, 0.4 is larger than 0.18 - a common misconception.
      There is a powerpoint attached that works through all this.
      Happy to send powerpoint in earlier version or the worksheets in word to allow editing if you want.
      Let me know how you get on with them.
      I have a website, which I'm hoping to upload this and other resources. Please keep visiting as it develops and comments, criticisms keenly accepted.

      • Decimals-start.pptx
      • decimals-tenths.pdf
      • decimals-hundredths.pdf
      • decimals-student-sheet.pdf
      • decimal-sort-cards.pdf


      nur_fajar2 years ago4

      vvc19613 years ago4

      Useful thanks

      FraserLGandhi3 years ago5

      Great! Thank you. I used with Year 5/6

    Practice questions, homeworks and assessments

    • A basic worksheet designed to help children understand place value of decimal numbers and be able to order decimals.

      • 13.09.12 Partitioning and ordering decimal numbers - LA.docx


      kooldude3 years ago5

      Very nice worksheet. Thank you for sharing.

      essjayenn4 years ago4

      I have used this a couple of times with my private students. It worked well. I like the idea of starting with money because students are used to comparing prices.

      rasie4 years ago4

      Great resource

    • Match the decimals given in words to the number given in digits. Devices within the puzzle allow students to self monitor their work and correct errors. Students like to finish a puzzle, but they don’t always like the jokes they decode! Each puzzle also supports literacy. Students have to split the string of letters into recognisable words to read the punchline. (answers included). If you like this, search for: Place Value - A pack of decimal and fraction puzzles.

      Keywords: place value, decimals, units, tenths, hundredths, thousandths, puzzle, joke, number system, practice, math, maths joke, mathematics, unlock untangle understand.

      • Place value Reading_Decimals_3.pdf
      • Place value_Reading_Decimals_3_ans.pdf


      Fossie3 years ago5

      Nice task with answers.

      rebecca_lessing4 years ago5

      Good starter/plenary or a quick homework task. Thank you!

      TES Resource Team5 years ago5

      Thank you for publishing your resource. It has been selected to be featured in a new secondary maths collection.

    • What is the value of the 5? Unit, Tenth, Hundredth, Thousandth Multiple choice starter, 10 questions with an answer slide. Very straight forward starter or plenary. Added a second file (value of the 6?) which just deals with units to thousands for a lower ability group.

      • What is the value of the 5.pptx
      • What is the value of the 6 U T H Th.pptx


      vvc19614 years ago4

      Thanks helpful for Year 4

      rhiowen4 years ago4

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      Great resource.Thanks a millions.