Tes has partnered with Chance to Shine to bring you official resources celebrating the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup!

The exciting action is underway now around England and Wales, all leading to the big final at Lord’s on 14 July.

Get your class involved in this huge international event, learn about the world’s best players from the 10 competing teams from all around the globe, follow all the action and take the opportunity for some fun, engaging and topical classroom sessions!

Chance to Shine cricket resources

ICC Cricket World Cup - Join in

The Cricket World Cup is here! This assembly will introduce the rules of game and get your school excited the tournament with films and quizzes. There is also a simplified version for your school council/ YR 6 or other pupil ambassadors to deliver to their peers.

You can also use our bitesize Cricket World Cup Challenges with your class at any time. These fun challenges include Maths, Science, Geography and English.

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ICC Cricket World Cup - Create a Character

This lesson will introduce the ICC Cricket World Cup Values and offer opportunities to discuss how they impact on more than just sport.

It will also offer an opportunity for your pupils to design a character based on one of these values.

Guidance on creating a character:

The character can be human, animal or even alien. Creativity is encouraged.

It must demonstrate one of the six ICC Cricket World Cup Values.

The character can link to cricket in some way, but it does not have to.

It is anticipated that the initial classroom discussions will take around 15 minutes, allowing time for the design of their character in the rest of the lesson.

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ICC Cricket World Cup - Playground Pundits

This English lesson is designed to be used in KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2. Delivery notes are contained in the notes section.

In this lesson, pupils develop their speaking and listening skills by taking on the role of ICC Cricket World Cup commentators.

This lesson can be delivered using the PowerPoint alone, or alongside these additional resources which be downloaded from the Resources section:

Playground Pundits Script
Playground Pundits Image Board

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We hope you enjoy using these resources.

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ICC Cricket World Cup - Welcome to our Area

This cross-curricular Geography and PSHE lesson can be used across KS1 and KS2. Guidance in the notes section explains how you might differentiate the content for the age group you are teaching.

In this lesson, pupils come up with a way to welcome the players of the ICC Cricket World Cup to England and Wales. They can be as creative as they like – making anything from a poster to a poem or travel brochure.

The lesson can be delivered using the PowerPoint alone or alongside the ICC Cricket World Cup Team Fact Files - available to download on the Resources section of this page.

Please note, the content on this PowerPoint displays best in presentation mode. Before teaching the lesson, you may wish to adapt slides 14 to 17 with images relevant to your local area.

We hope you enjoy using these resources.

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ICC Cricket World Cup - International Schools

This PowerPoint is aimed at teachers and designed to help them celebrate the world’s greatest cricket celebration in their school.

It provides fun teaching resources and inspirational ideas for overseas schools (and UK schools who have a partner school).

It contains:

  • class activities you can use alone (without a partner school)

  • class activities that you can use with your partner school

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ICC Cricket World Cup - Celebrate Cricket

This lesson is designed to be used with KS1 & KS2 pupils. In this lesson, pupils will:

  • Recap on the six Values of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.
  • Learn about how players from around the world embody the Values.
  • Reflect on how they demonstrate the Values in their own lives.
  • Join together to celebrate the ways in which they, and their peers, champion the Values.

What will you need?

The Player Cards can be used in a variety of ways:

To develop pupils’ comprehension. Can they explain which Value(s) their player represents? Can they find evidence to justify their thinking?

As a fun ‘top trumps’ style maths game. Can they use their player’s stats to collect all 10 cards and win the game?

The Values Diary can be used alongside this lesson to help pupils record how they have championed the Values (see slide 21 for information on how these might be used).

The Values Certificates can be awarded to pupils who have displayed the Values.

All of these documents can be downloaded from the Resources section

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Cricket resources on Tes

PE Year 1 and or 2 Unit of work - cricket or rounders

PE scheme of work - can be adapted for cricket or rounders - suitable for Year 1 and 2.
By helzbelz1973

Cricket through Maths

A variety of maths guidelines and resources that use the topic of cricket. Suitable for Lower Key Stage 2.
By andytheedom

KS1 Cricket Skills SOW

A unit of work introducing the basics of Cricket. Can be used for Years 1,2 &3.
By Joel Galley

Cricket Technique cards

Technique cards to develop the language and their range of skills
By alpo8550

KS3 Cricket Maths Worksheet

A KS3 worksheet using Cricket as the focus (cross-curricular opportunity). Worksheet has information about the game so no prior knowledge is necessary. When I used this worksheet I began with a starter activity using enough dice for paired challenges. Each student would roll their die at the same time as their challenger. The person to add the two numbers together and give an answer got the point, or 'run'. They played first to 10 runs although you could use different cricket concepts to sort out timing of the starter. For example, 6 rolls only, or 2 innings of 6 rolls each etc... Enjoy!
By Scott Versace

Cricket drills

Some games to teach cricket skills.
By ed spackman

Cricket Core Task Cards - @ PE4Learning

Set of Core Tasks to use as an assessment or T&L tool in practical P.E. [Editable Versions] Hope they provide some inspiration to use, tweak and develop them further. PE4Learning.com
By PE 4Learning

The Maths twenty twenty Cricket Challenge

Presentation developed in response to a group of non responsive students who had an interest in cricket. After an initial introduction the presentation was uploaded to individual workstations and pupils were set a number of mathematical investigation tasks based on the result of a 20 : 20 cricket match. Pupils worked individually and in small groups with minimal supervision over a number of lessons and used the activity to springboard their own investigations. There are a number (10) of set tasks at the end of the presentation that required pupils to use a range of mathematical skills. The presentation contains 45 slides. Click on the umpire to launch the presentation.
By 20JET12