Algebra skills

Discover our collection of GCSE maths algebra skills lessons, activities, powerpoints and notes. These resources are hand-picked by the Tes Maths Panel for their relevance to the 9-1 specifications - use them for planning, homework and revision.

This page contains the very best resources for teaching sections A1 to A6 from the GCSE maths specification (first examined in 2017), combining structured lessons and engaging activities. Strong algebra skills are the key to success in GCSE maths, and this collection of resources allows you to consolidate all the basics in interesting and challenging ways.

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Writing algebraic expressions

10 Q Starter: Expression, Equations, Formulae AFL

This is a 10 question starter/plenary to see if students can identify the difference between expressions, equations or formulae. Good with mini whiteboards or number fans. (multiple choice)
By Labrown20

Algebraic conventions bingo.Free game.Algebra.KS3.

A game to consolidate knowledge of algebraic conventions

By Louise_Knight

GSCE Maths:Linear expressions and equations lesson

Activities to enable learners of secondary mathematics to develop an understanding of linear expressions and equations, make simple conjectures and generalisations and add expressions, 'collecting like terms&'. This is part of the &';Mostly algebra' set of materials from Standards unit: Improving learning in mathematics.
By SecondaryMathsNatStrats

Writing expressions

Use with mini whiteboards - get the students to write down the expression using algebra
By noseofaqueen

Simplifying expressions

Multiplying Dividing Terms Indices

Level 7 Grade E topic with objectives and differentiated tasks. Great lesson - let me know what you think?
By whidds

GSCE Maths: MATCHING CARDS - Collect Terms

GCSE MATHS Find your friends - Collect Terms Expand Factorise expressions matching cards - Print on A4 and students have to move around teh classroom to find their partner card
By mrbuckton4maths

Expanding brackets and simplifying expressions

These are the resources I used in my recent observation lesson. Students require mini whiteboards to practice the examples on and the workbook is the Collins Year 7 Book 3 textbook.
By adamwebb

Maths Algebra: Collecting like terms, lesson, game

Algebra Study Unit 5: Collecting like terms is for individual teachers or groups of teachers in secondary schools who are considering their teaching of algebra. It discusses some stimulating activities to help pupils to practise collecting like terms.
By SecondaryMathsNatStrats

Algebraic fractions

Algebraic Fractions

Powerpoint covering the full range of Algebraic Fractions topics. From simplifying to multiplying and dividing, to adding and subtracting, to finally solving equations involving them. Includes the Tarsia referenced in the PPT, though I can't claim the credit for making this!
By Daniel Burke

Algebraic Fractions Thoughts and Crosses

Thoughts and crosses style worksheet on simplifying algebraic fractions. Difficulty ranges from cancelling terms to factorising quadratics with a>1 and then simplifying.
By LeonD06

Simplifying algebraic Fractions

First a worksheet that has them simplifying fractions that only requires factorising into single brackets. Then a domino task on two.
By Tristanjones

Adding and Subtracting Algebraic Fraction

A simple worksheet on adding and subtracting algebraic fractions. Starting with finding a common denominator, moving onto two terms in the numerator and then the variable in the denominator. Includes an extension on solving simple cases.
By swaller25

Algebraic proof

Algebraic Proof

A worksheet to guide students through answering algebraic proof exam questions.
By stef_e

Proof Jigsaws.Worksheet. Introduction. KS 4. Maths

A set of GCSE Mathematics, algebraic proofs that can be cut up and sequenced. An intermediate stage towards learners writing their own proofs.

By thatsmyboy

Algebraic Proof

A lesson that was used to secure a job. Lesson begins with testing students ability to expand double brackets. Presentation slides scaffolds working out needed for algebraic proof. This is complimented by a matching activity which is followed by a RAG activity, the red having a scaffold to assist students. Please leave feedback and rate!
By blessdiem

Algebraic Proofs

Structured Word document which leads through simple proofs through factorising, onto expanding quadratics, subtracting quadratics, and then harder proof questions. Exam questions are available at the end as well. Used with Set 2 Year 10.
By NLNicholls