Fractions, decimals and percentages

Discover our collection of GCSE maths number - fractions, decimals and percentages lessons, activities, powerpoints and notes. These resources are hand-picked by the Tes Maths Panel for their relevance to the 9-1 specifications - use them for planning, homework and revision.

This page contains the very best resources for teaching sections N10 to N13 from the GCSE maths specification (first examined in 2017), combining structured lessons and engaging activities. Fractions, decimals and percentages are a staple of GCSE maths, but we have seen an increase in challenge in the way they are assessed under the new specification. Hopefully this set of resources will offer up lots of ideas for delivering the content.

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Ordering decimals

Introduction to decimals

This is a set of resources I designed for a low ability year 7 group I teach to introduce the concept of decimals and their size and different ways of displaying them. I focus mainly on one and two decimal place numbers. It could lead to work on ordering decimals.
The student sheet is designed for them to fill in with place value and examples. There is then a shading sheet for tenths and one for hundredths. Finally there are some cards which contain 9 different 1 and 2 decimal place numbers where pupils have to sort into their groups - decimal number version, shaded version (using a 10x10 grid), number line version and a version where the decimal is spelled. This could develop into understanding that, say, 0.4 is larger than 0.18 - a common misconception.
There is a powerpoint attached that works through all this.
Happy to send powerpoint in earlier version or the worksheets in word to allow editing if you want.
Let me know how you get on with them.
I have a website, which I'm hoping to upload this and other resources. Please keep visiting as it develops and comments, criticisms keenly accepted.
By alexsabella

Ordering decimals

Here is a power point I use to teach ordering and place value for decimals. The starter sheet is linked to the power point. I print out these and give each sheet to a person in the class. Then I ask them to order themselves - there are 5 questions here with the first being ordering words - the remaining 4 I do after completing the powerpoint.
By supergenau

Decimal ordering levels 4-5 lesson

Three part lesson ordering decimals. Mini-plenary and plenary tasks embedded. Answer provided thoughout. Thank you to fellow TES members for uploading some of the activities,
By mistrym03

Ordering Decimals Worksheet

A short differentiated worksheet for pupils to rewrite the decimlas they have been given in ascending order
By floppityboppit

Operations with decimals

Decimals mini murder mystery

This is a differentiated mini murder mystery which kept me top set year 7 quiet for a whole lesson.

I have used this format to write a few differentiated murder mystery.
I don't remember who the original format came from, but thank you. My pupil's have loved everyone I've made using this format.
By MSharp33

Written Calculations

Multiplying, adding, subtracting and dividing decimals. Includes a group investigation on missing digit puzzles.
By DrFrostMaths

Math Mystery - Case of The Super Bad Superhero (GRADE 5)

This math mystery, “Case of the Super Bad Superhero,” is a great way to add some excitement and fun to your math lessons! Students will be working through a variety of math questions to discover important clues. The clues will help them solve which superhero has gone bad!

In this Grade 5 version, the 5 clues cover the following skills:
- Clue 1: Covert Decimals from Expanded Form (using fractions)
- Clue 2: Adding Decimals (wholes & tenths)
- Clue 3: Subtracting Decimals (wholes & tenths)
- Clue 4: Multiply Numbers Ending in Zeroes
- Clue 5: Dividing Numbers Ending in Zeroes

Pack also provides teacher instructions, the story, answer sheets, an elimination guide and printable awards.

You can choose a grade level that suits your class best, and/or mix and match across the same clue numbers (except for the Grade 1 Version) to differentiate and customize the math mystery for your students. The Grade 1 version is simplified as a whole and cannot be mixed with the rest. (For example, swap clue 1 from the Grade 2 version to clue 1 from the Grade 3 version to make that part more challenging for some students.)
By JJResources

Fractions of an amount

Tarsia - Fractions of Amounts

A Tarsia activity on Fractions of Amounts. These type of activities can be used to consolidate understanding of a given topic, and foster positive group work and co-operative learning. For more ideas on how to use these types of activities (including twists!) and to download the latest version of the wonderful free software to open this resource (and create your own), just click on the web-link. If you have any comments, or spot any (non deliberate!) mistakes, please share them below. Many thanks to all the teachers who have helped me assemble these Tarsias over the years.
By MrBartonMaths

Fraction of an Amount - Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt in which students must find the fraction of an amount (all positive integer answers). Print out the slides, cut them out and stick them up around the classroom. Students start at any one and then have to find the answer to the question they start with, and answer the question on that card, etc.
By fionajones88

Fraction of a Number Codebreaker

Reveal the Tim Vine joke by finding the fractions of a number. Silly typo corrected too!
By alutwyche

Simplifying, equivalent fractions and ordering fractions

Fractions investigation

Templates of rectangles with quartering dots. Draw two lines - what different fractions can you create?
By Namragus

Ordering fractions

Starter has equivalnce and LCM, main is ordering fractions. Extention is converting fractions to decimals, may be tricky for some groups as not all fractions convert nicely.
By bcooper87

Simplifying Fractions Cut-and-Stick

Match the diagram with the basic fraction and the simplified fraction. Designed for low ability to use at the start of the topic.
By alutwyche

Mixed and improper fractions

Improper fractions and mixed numbers

- PPT introducing topic in basic manner. - Worksheet where pupils must identify the mixed numbers and improper fractions.
By ryan-brewer

Tarsia - Fractions - Improper to Proper

A Tarsia activity on proper and improper fractions. These type of activities can be used to consolidate understanding of a given topic, and foster positive group work and co-operative learning. For more ideas on how to use these types of activities (including twists!) and to download the latest version of the wonderful free software to open this resource (and create your own), just click on the web-link. If you have any comments, or spot any (non deliberate!) mistakes, please share them below. Many thanks to all the teachers who have helped me assemble these Tarsias over the years.
By MrBartonMaths

Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions Codebreaker

Convert mixed to improper and vice versa. The usual stuff - find the Tim Vine joke punchline...
By alutwyche

Fraction, improper fractions matching card game

Matching images of shapes with parts shaded to fractions. Also matching improper fractions, mixed numbers and images. There are some blank cards as not all cards have a match.
By kyliew52

Adding and subtracting fractions

Fractions Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt activity revising key rules of fractions. Covering fractions of amounts, equivalent fractions/simplifying fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and multiplying and dividing fractions. Increases in difficulty thoughout. Learners need to answer the questions, find the card with the answer on, write down the symbol and match the symbol to a letter. Sounds complicated, but they love it! The final answer should be DENOMINATOR IS AT THE BOTTOM. Thanks to eam_larkin for the idea! :)
By fosh_jish

Adding and Subtracting Fractions (Inc mixed numbers) TICK OR TRASH

Tick or trash activity that builds on fraction skills.
Encourages using the lowest common denominator and simplifying fractions
Extension questions at the bottom that link in mixed numbers

ANSWERS MAY NEED TO BE CHECKED/EDITED as when I do these with my class I often have one or two questions when both of them are wrong to encourage pupils to check their answers, promote discussion and build confidence with the skill.
By jcdubbs

Fractions Speed Dating Task

Pupils work in groups to devise a good, clear explanation of how to do a certain skill involving fractions. Pupils then are put into different groups, where each person has 2 minutes to deliver their explanation and examples and answer any questions which arise. This worksheet was used for pupils to collect together the information at the end.
By EmMakysm

Multiplying and dividing fractions

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

A mixture of questions that increase in difficulty through the worksheet including cancelling towards the later ones.

Extension involving algebra at the endof each sheet.

Answers scanned in for once.

By Tristanjones

Tarsia - Fractions (multiply and divide)

A Tarsia activity onmultiplying and dividing fractions. These type of activities can be used to consolidate understanding of a given topic, and foster positive group work and co-operative learning. For more ideas on how to use these types of activities (including twists!) and to download the latest version of the wonderful free software to open this resource (and create your own), just click on the web-link. If you have any comments, or spot any (non deliberate!) mistakes, please share them below. Many thanks to all the teachers who have helped me assemble these Tarsias over the years.
By MrBartonMaths

Spot The Mistakes - Fractions

This is a twist on revision notes. I have written some notes and given examples but there are mistakes that the students have to correct. They must therefore read the notes very carefully and a partner must check their work. The idea is derived from an idea born from a discussion on Twitter (if you're not on Twitter, seriously think about it). I have split the notes up into three but I have included the whole thing so that you can chop them up your own way, or change stuff if you want. It&'s a bit of an experiment and we&';ll see how it goes!
By alutwyche

Dividing Fractions Level 7 Grade C

A lesson in dividing fractions. Expected students know to multiply fractions, simplify and convert to and from mixed numbers. Please let me know what you think? Check out my other lessons....
By whidds

Percentage of an amount

Percentages of Amounts Fantastic Trail

Brilliant differentiated lesson to revise percetnages of amounts. Also is a go and find section where students break into groups and a competition to get the answer first. This lesson has worked very well Please let me know what you think
By whidds

Percentage of an amount game

Fun quiz where pupils get to run around while still doing maths. Goes down an absolute storm! Can be easily adapted to other topics. See separate instructions.
By danwalker

Maths Percentages Board Game with Batman

This is a board game which requires students to answer questions calculating percentages of amounts, they then go backwards or forwards by the answer. I would suggest the students play in threes and the winner is the first player to get around the board three times. This makes a nice main activity or plenary. It is differentiated so there are two different levels, orange is easier and green is more challenging. I photocopy each colour onto opposite sides of one sheet of A3 and laminate.
By Laura Rees-Hughes

Shopping-themed percentages of amounts worksheets

First pupils practised working out percentages of amounts with the differentiated shopping-themed worksheets. They then moved on to create their own 'shop sale table'. They had to pick a favourite shop, decide upon some items that may be sold there, pick prices, and then work out what their prices would be reduced to in a sale. Weaker students worked on 50% off, and more able on 25% or 10% off. My Y8s got very creative with this activity, and completed a lot more maths than usual!
By CaptainLoui

Percentage increase and decrease

Percentage Increase & Decrease Activity

The activity is a consolidation of percentage increase and decrease. Each 'shop&' is located in a different section of the room. Pupils must visit each one and decide whether a percentage increase or decrease is needed on the items, and then work these out using the attached worksheet. The worksheet is designed to encourage pupils to work without calculators until the bank and bills section, which should be left until last (or used as an extension). I had calculators available at these stations, but some were confident enough by then to do without.
By gnasher30

Increase and Decrease by a Percentage Question Generator

A spreadsheet for simple percentage increase and decrease questions. Press F9 for new questions and all answers are available too.
By armathematics

Percentage Increase and Decrease with multiplier

A tutorial on percentage increase using a multiplier. Includes a functional skills activity where students have to select a holiday destination by working out the total cost of the holiday. A fun and engaging activity that my year 8's loved. Could be done in pairs or small groups. Answers are on the last slide.
By cstarr55

Percentage Increase and Decrease

Starter - percentage of amounts. Powerpoint - percentage increase and decrease.
By Rhiannon Wates

Repeated percentages (compound and simple interest)

Simple and compound interest cards

This activity uses the methods of successive percentage change to decide which bank is going to give you the best offer. You decide how much money you are giving them as a 'present' and they use the information to see how much they will get in the end.
By moggy89

Compound Interest-First to be a Millionaire GCSE

Interactive challenge to become the first person to become a millionaire by calculating the compound interest they will get depending on who they bank with. For GCSE students and each student needs a cheque (2nd file - adapt the school logo, name & signature). They then bank that in different banks depending on which letter is on their cheque... after 1/2 years they get close to a Million but not quite there.. 3 years and they make it. Answers on the spreadsheet also attached.
By newmrsc

Compound Interest Depreciation Appreciation

Compound Interest Appreciation Depreciation using percentage multipliers which is a prerequisite for the lesson. Three part lesson. Starter/Main/Plenary. Calculators required. Q4 now shows the correct solution! Thanks to clongmoor for some questions.
By ciaranfinn

Reverse percentages

Reverse Percentages lesson with Number Search

There is a power point lesson. There is a Number Search (Like a Word search - students answer the questions and the answer can be found in the Number Search) There is also a scaffolded worksheet to support weaker students. Any comments gladly received :)
By CharlotteMay89

GCSE - Reverse Percentages Rallycoach Worksheet

In this worksheet GCSE pupils have one worksheet between two and take it in turns to answer one of their questions whilst the other supports, coaches and checks the answer.
By nottcl

Maths: Reverse Percentage problems

Everything you need to teach the 4th in this sequence of lessons. The worksheet is a maze, similar to many others I have uploaded onto this website. Join question number to answer, lines should only go vertically or horizontally. See lesson plan for more details.
By Tristanjones

Fraction, decimal and percentage equivalence

Codebreaking - fdp

Converting between fractions, decimals and percentages. Match the questions to the answers to find the letters to break the code. To make it a little harder, not all the codes are in English. The last couple of slides are to print off as worksheets.
By eva.brister

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Consolidation

This is a FDP consolidation worksheet that I am giving my year 8 (mid ability) class for homework. The plan is to use this for consolidation and revision purposes. Please feel free to jazz up accordingly!
By ryanw367

fractions_decimals_percentages ppt 15 questions

'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' style FDP quiz game. This is an ammended version of the one on this site, however, it has all 15 questions completed just in case you are short of time!
By lesliejohnjackson