GCSE maths - ratio, proportion and rates of change resources

Discover our collection of GCSE maths ratio, proportion and rates of change resources: lessons, activities, powerpoints and notes. These resources are hand-picked by the Tes Maths Panel for their relevance to the 9-1 specifications - use them for planning, homework and revision.

This page contains the very best resources for teaching sections R1 to R16 from the GCSE maths specification (first examined in 2017), combining structured lessons and engaging activities. Ratio and proportion have been promoted to their very own category in the new GCSE specification, which means a greater emphasis of them across all three papers. This selection of resources should support you in delivering this key area of mathematics.

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Simplifying and equivalent ratios

Simplifying Ratios

Simplifying Ratios lesson, two tasks, real life link to aerospace engineering including video, WALT and WILF
By Fintan Douglas

Simplifying Ratio

PowerPoint used with a Year 8 middle set class on simplifying ratio. Main activity has differentiated questions on simplifying ratio with plenaries using RAG cards to assess understanding. There is a match up activity which works well with pupil participation and final Bingo game.
By bulmer1404

Simplifying Ratio & Ratio of an Amount

Powerpoint and differentiated worksheets for ratio. The worksheets are identical bar the bingo sheet which is subtly different on each. Worksheet 3 should win bingo first.
By JamesCMartin

Writing ratios

Introduction to Ratio: PowerPoint

A presentation and worksheet to introduce the basics of ratio. Suitable for KS3 and lower KS4 students. Questions and examples are included for students to practice and discuss.
By MrBartonMaths

Introduction to ratio

This is ideal to use as an introduction to ratio - it is fully interactive with plenty of opportunities for the pupils to come to the whiteboard. It also has plenty of opportunity for the teacher to expand on ratios as there are blank boxes that can be divided into ratios, then used again if needed. Please comment if you like/don't like it or you think it could be improved
By stewartbutler

Introduction to Ratio Jigsaw

Jigsaw with statements which pupils must match to the equivalent ratio, several require simplifying. I have given this to pupils before telling them anything about ratio and watch them figure it out for themselves!
By Laura Rees-Hughes

Ratios - Alice in Wonderland themed activities!

Students firstly try the ratios worksheet which has an Alice in Wonderland theme! These worksheets begin with simplifying ratios, then move on to using, writing and dividing ratios. They are differentiated by ability, with bronze being the simplest and gold being the most challenging. Following this, students move on to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party worksheet, where they must use the ratios provided by Johnny Depp to design his tea party table! This involves lots of drawing, and so appeals to the visual learners within the classroom.
By CaptainLoui

Sharing in a ratio

Superhero Ratio - Sharing

Influenced heavily by this fantastic resource: http://www.tes.co.uk/teaching-resource/Ratio-robberies-6321722/ ***altered the STAR Labs ratio as part of the question was originally written in a white font and didn't show***
By dooranran

Sharing in Ratio Worksheet

This worksheet requires students to share in ratio using the fraction of a number method (as opposed to add, divide, times) but can be done either way. The questions progress to harder ratios and then worded questions. Also a plenary on sharing one amount in different ration and matching them up. Either print it out or use on the IWB.
By Tristanjones

Sharing an amount into a ratio

A complete collection of resources for a introductory lesson for sharing an amount into a ratio. Differentiated for levels 4 to 6.
By LiamFranz

Proportion: best value, recipes and exchange rates

Best Buy Food Shop

This activity is based around food shopping. Students are given a selection of products which could be distributed on entrance to the classroom. They can then use the unitary method to cancel a ratio down to use to compare the different products. Students are then required to purchase items on the shopping list for the best value and fill in the receipt to show what they have bought. You could build on the products as the shopping list allows for 'an extra treat'.
By mrslack_maths

Recipe problems (Fractions,ratios and proportions)

This is a worksheet with some simple recipes where the quantities of the ingredients need adjusting to suit the required number of people. This tests fraction work, ratios and functional maths. Keywords: direct proportion, unitary method. Functional skills tester.
By cronina

Teachers TV: Ratios and Proportions in real life

Inside Maths builds on the success of the series Maths 4 Real. Fran has a dinner party which she wants Dave to prepare. When he heads off to start cooking she explains the concept of ratios and proportions using vivid animated graphics. On arriving at Fran’s flat, Dave finds out that the recipe for chilli is for four people and not the six guests that are expected. This means he has some maths to do to make sure that when he uses more ingredients, he keeps them all in the right proportion. Back in the studio Fran does that maths, creating a new ingredient list for the chilli. She then looks at the fruit punch, made from four different juices, and works out how much of each juice is required to make two litres. At the flat Dave has encountered another problem. He’s been nibbling his way through a bar of chocolate and now there’s not enough to make the fudge brownies. Can he, with what little chocolate is left, use ratios and proportions to make sure the brownies still taste good?

By Teachers TV

Currency Conversion Exchange - World Travelling

Lesson on currency exchange and conversion. After the high level of currency exchange questions in the GCSE and a half term of travelling I put this together. Please let me know what you think?
By whidds

Direct and inverse proportion

Direct Proportion Cook off

A differentiated task with AfL opportunities and progress checks.
The main activity has three main levels of differentiation (Starter, Main Course and Dessert) but within each course each option gets progressively more difficult.
Can be used to consolidate weaker students and 'high jump' stronger students in the same class

*Now with answers*
By arwah

Breakfast Shift - Inverse Proportion - KS3/KS4

Two engaging activities to demonstrate and investigate inverse proportion in real life situations. Includes starters etc. There is a lesson plan, a PowerPoint and handout. There is plenty of differentiation included but it is mostly for middle / top sets (Yr9 / 10)

See lttMaths.com for further ideas and resources about teaching mathematics.

By nyima_drayang

Direct and Inverse Proportion Matching cards

A set of Direct and Inverse Proportion Matching cards that can be utilised for consolidation as a mini or final pleanry to assess student understanding
By mrbuckton4maths

Direct / Inverse Proportion

The Word Document contains the worksheets complementing the Powerpoint
By john_gozo
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