GCSE Physical Education Revision Resources

Discover our collection of PE GCSE revision resources. Find notes, slides and other resources to support your classes' exam preparation.


GCSE PE Lessons

11 Individual GCSE PE Theory Lesson Plans. Topics for each lesson are:

Lesson 1- Sports Session leader
Lesson 2- Planning a sports Session
Lesson 3- Exercise, Work & Body Type
Lesson 4- Body types & optimum weight
Lesson 5- Optimum weight and weight conditions
Lesson 6- Optimum weight and specific activities
Lesson 7- Assessing Risk & Using correct sporting equipment
Lesson 8- CV System & blood pressure
Lesson 9- Effects of Exercise on CV system
Lesson 10- Systolic & Diastolic blood pressure & lifestyle choices on the respiratory system
Lesson 11- The muscular System and RICE

Lesson Plans have been developed in an SEN setting where there was a visual impairment so learning style maximizes kinasthetic learning. Sessions would work well for students with difficulty learning GCSE PE theory in a class based environment.
By GoldSEN

KS4 Dodgeball Resources and Lesson Plans

These resources are designed to help you integrate dodge ball into your KS4 Physical Education curriculum .

The Tutor Book will help you to understand the UKDBA version of the game (played throughout the UK in academic and social Leagues). Created specifically for teachers this resources includes key terminology, rules, assessment criteria and game / activity ideas.

The session / lesson plans provide a clear route for students to develop their skill set and master the rules, tactics and strategies needed to compete at a high level. These resources are designed to accommodate all abilities with clearly differentiated tasks and hints/tips for teachers on how to deliver each section successfully.

These resources have been used for over 5 years successfully and have subsequently led to numerous students going on to be selected for representational teams including national league teams and England representative squads.

By Simon Atkinson

Athletics Resources and lessons

The resource cards are to supplement the lesson plans uploaded. The cards could be used to supplement learning and used for leadership, reciprocal learning, guidance for technique and to aid peer coaching. I have written them on powerpoint. I printed them off at 2 slides per page and had them laminated. All cards are meant to be double sided. Please let me know what you think so I can amend.
By k_brown86

Ultimate Frisbee

9 lesson plans with supporting documents. The lesson plans are very full, so please chop and change the plans to suit your/students needs.
By rossywicks

Badminton Lesson Plans

A bank of resources used for BTEC Level 2/3 badminton sessions. Completed as part of a study on reciprocal teaching and feedback.
By andymotch

Revision support

GCSE PE Exam Revision booklet - Part 1

This is the first part of a revision booklet I am producing for Year 10 and 11's completing the GCSE PE course. This first section covers the topics of The Active Participant, Demands on Performance, Health, Training, Diet, and various other sub-topics...

The second part is still in production but a change in my job role has delayed this. I hope to complete the second and final part within the next month... ready for GCSE revision ;)

Hope this is still of some help.
By Scott Versace

GCSE PE revision guide. (Edexcel).

An extensive resource that sumamrises and includes key information of all the topics on the Edexcel GCSE PE specification. Past exam questions are incorporated as are numerous sporting examples and pictures/pictograms to make reivsion easier.
By djhf20

GCSE PE revision grids - Edexcel

body systems, cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular, skeletal, revision, linking Each grid looks at a different body system. it then maps out long term, short term effects, impact of diet, injury, rest on that system. very helpful when looking at long answer questions
By sallyoakshott

OCR B451 Revision Booklet

A fill in booklet for the OCR GCSE PE course
By matthewlaker

AQA Scenario Revision sheets

AQA Revision worksheets: Includes training, roles in sport, competition and leisure & recreation. Includes exam style questions.
By beccamjones

9-1 Spec

OCR GCSE PE 9-1 (2016) 2.1.a - Engagement Patterns in Physical Activity and Sport - Unit of Work

This is a full unit of work for the new OCR GCSE (9-1) PE Specification (2016). Please check out my other resources for more OCR Units just like this one. You can now purchase the full specification bundle from my TES shop.

This will be all you need to deliver unit 2.1.a - Engagement Patterns of Different Social Groups in Physical Activity and Sport, including:

A 115 slide powerpoint covering all aspects of the specification for the unit. This powerpoint contains learning outcomes, all the necessary information for notes, interactive tasks, lots of embedded video clips, partner discussion activities, mini quiz, 6 mark question tips and the answers to the tasks featured in the workbook. The powerpoint and workbook correspond so there is nothing you need to do other than print the documents.

A 19 page all-in-one workbook created to be completed alongside the powerpoint. This features learning outcomes to self assess against, space to take notes, fun tasks, assessment opportunities and opportunities to apply knowledge to sporting examples.

A topic test to be completed at the end of the unit. This contains the questions released by OCR as well as some that have been created for the unit to test each part of the specification. It also includes a 6 mark question. The test is out of 25 marks and the answers feature on the powerpoint to go through with students.

3 six mark question sheets featuring a six mark question. These feature varying scaffolds and will allow you to give more support to some students and hopefully allow them to access the higher marks whilst all completing the same task. The task is explained on the powerpoint with tips and a model paragraph.

A paired revision activity where students compete against another to describe sporting examples of the positives and barriers that affect participation. The task is fully explained on the sheet and in the powerpoint.

A keywords sheet to be completed at the beginning and then the end of the unit. This is a handy revision tool for students as they can keep the keywords together. It also allows them to see what they have learnt throughout the unit.

Bingo grids for the bingo activity on the powerpoint.

This unit has been created in line with the specification and covers each section.
I have not made this resource just to sell it, I take pride in making sure my resources are great and I will be delivering these units myself this year.
Please leave a review if you like the resource!


Edexcel GCSE PE 9-1. Components of Fitness Workbook

3.1 Health & Fitness and the role that exercise plays in both
3.2 The Components of Fitness

This student workbook contains a range of information, tasks, diagrams, practical activities, hints, key terms and sample questions. It will give your pupils a full and comprehensive account of everything they need to know in this topic area and put them in a position to answer 9 mark exam questions.

The booklet alone will supply your pupils with work to complete for a number of weeks during lessons. It contains a total of 15 pages.

Many other booklets and resources are also available.
By tom1414

AQA GCSE PE Scheme of work (9-1)

This is the scheme of work we're currently using to aid teaching of the new AQA GCSE Specification (9-1). It is split into year 10 and year 11 content, largely based upon paper 1 and paper 2 content, and also incorporates exam preparation and non-examined assessment lessons.

As well as this, a series of topics suitable for teaching through practical have been selected which can be matched to the 'practical application' booklet also available on TES resources.

9-1 GCSE Edexcel Sports Tracker

This document allows you to track your student's practical progress throughout their 9-1 (2016) PE GCSE.

In the tracker you can type the skills you have worked on for each of individual sports and students marks for each, the document then shows you what skills they have scored highest in and gives a final score from this.

The document also has a 'print out' sheet where you can either pick any student from the drop-down list and print just one results page or print the whole class' with just one click.

A massive time saver and a fantastic resource for parents evenings with the student-friendly print out sheet.

P.S.- This document is for a class of up to 30 students, this can be increased and you can also have multiple classes on one document upon request. Please contact me if you have any requests and I will do my best to help you as much as I can.

Email- C.stephen2622@gmail.com
Twitter- @CStephen2622
By C_Stephen2622


Recreational Drugs - Starter Activity

In this purchase you will receive a starter activity for the NEW Edexcel GCSE PE course. The resource designed specifically for Unit 2 - Topic 1, Lesson 6 but can be used as a stand alone resource.

This activity is designed to accompany a BUNDLE which also includes the brilliant PowerPoint which includes images, starter activities, group learning tasks, individual tasks, class activities and homework - All of the relevant resources for these lessons. This consists of two brilliant activities and differentiated homework tasks. The BUNDLE is SOLD SEPERATLY.

This is the first in many resources of its kind I will be publishing. I will also be publishing a full SOW, assessment charts, learning curve revision planner and consolidation lessons to compliment this BUNDLE. Please leave feedback and help me to create the BEST resources - so you don't have. Also please check out me other items.
By InspirEd Learning

Volleyball Resource Cards

Differentiated volleyball resource cards with skills broken down into Bronze, Silver and Gold to challenge different students of mixed abilities. Resource cards are ideal for peer and self assessment for when students are completing drills/games to help students improve their performance. All core skills used in volleyball included within this resource pack.
By PETraineeTeacher
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