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Maths QWIZDOM - GCSE FOUNDATION Revision Topics Quiz 250 Questions

This Qwizdom has been designed to target the first 10 questions of a Foundation GCSE Paper.

It has a macro built in that will randomise the questions.

Each topic has 4-9 questions, ranging in difficulty.

Topics include;
*Index Laws
*Expanding brackets
*Shape names
*Fractions of amounts
*Shape properties
*solving equations
*Squares, cubes and roots
*Naming angles
*Ratio sharing
*Area and Perimeter
*Parts of a circle
*Types of triangle
*Making numbers
*Fractions to decimals to percentages
*Equivalent fractions
*Percentage of an amount
*Percentage increase and decrease
*Column vectors
*Negative powers
*Fractional powers
*Rounding to DP, SF and tens hundreds thousands
*Ratio as fractions
*Midpoints of 2 coordinates
*Algebra terminology
*Collecting like terms
*Converting time
*Venn diagrams
*Linear tables
*Vertical and horizontal mirror lines
*Lines of symmetry
*Rotational symmetry
*Forming expressions
*Parallel lines
*Probability tables
*Angles in triangles
*2 way tables
*Error intervals
*Converting units
*Prime numbers

In order for it to be different every time, when you open it, view the slides on slide sorter and move them about for about 30 seconds.
This will allow the random button to pick a new path every time and stop the same questions popping up.

By MrDaviesMaths

Annotated GCSE Specification/Revision Notes

The entire Edexcel 1MA0 specification with notes, examples and example questions (with answers at the back) on virtually every item in the specification. Incredibly comprehensive!
By DrFrostMaths

Foundation GCSE Maths Key Facts Revision Sheet

I produced this to give to Y11 pupils and their parents as exam analysis showed that lots of marks were being lost through lack of basic knowledge eg names of shapes, types of angle. I have also given it to Year 11 form tutors to display for a few minutes in form time and then quiz pupils on it. I have now added an additional version to my resources for Higher Tier students.
By nottcl


GCSE Maths Revision 100 Questions

100 Revision Questions which covers a wide range of the GCSE Higher syllabus.
By mcs123

Higher GCSE Maths Key Facts Revision Sheet

Follows on from the Foundation GCSE Maths Key Facts Sheet (see my other resources). Now also has an extended version for 9-1 courses.

By nottcl


Over 250 cards aimed at Higher Level. These are a work in progress; and aimed at my students specifically; ie I have worded the cards how I teach the topics, it may be very non technical at times but we do review and revise these from time to time. Constructive feedback welcome- the diagrams I have tended to just copy and paste off net but links should be given in most cases. Topics also included: revision.

By jokerad

OLD SPEC SEARCH FOR GCSE 9-1 Revision Checklist

This is for the old specification, search for GCSE 9-1 Revision Checklist for the updated version.
By rcleaver26