Our Great Gadget Giveaway is now closed, thank you to everyone who took part by purchasing a teacher-made resource from Black Friday (24 November) to Cyber Monday (27 November), and congratulations to our winner, secondary English teacher Claire Hazlehurst who works at a school in Warwickshire.

Claire has won 27 top high and low tech classroom gadgets – worth £3,000 as voted for by teachers.

Here’s what Claire had to say about Tes and her win:

What’s your relationship with Tes?
My relationship with Tes is a fabulous one! It has saved many a late night "planning panic", writer's block and it gives me inspiration for when I need it the most! I use it often, particularly when I need a specific piece of class support for my middle ability sets, for example. I love the variety on there, the support and the articles written to motivate and energise us tired teachers! I would be lost without it to be honest.

Which of the 27 gadgets are you most looking forward to receiving and why?
That’s a tough question because they're all going to be so useful (perhaps excluding the puppets, although my Year 10 might think I have gone nuts… a usual daily occurrence anyway!).

I’m really looking forward to using the marking stamps and stickers (and I’m sure my students will appreciate them too – they love anything colourful) and the visualiser to show off all of my brilliant students' work!

Anything else you’d like to say
I’d like to say a huge thank you to Tes for choosing me to win this prize draw! I’m gobsmacked! I've never really won anything before and this will make my day-to-day job as a busy teacher a lot more exciting and less stressful! Now, pass me my Bingo Machine!!!! :D

The 27 top classroom gadgets – as voted for by teachers

Post-it notes


Mini white boards

Lolly pop sticks

Hotel service bell


Label maker

Document camera/visualiser

Flip chart and pens


Marking stamps

Smelly stickers

Apple TV


Sand timers

Wireless mouse and keyboard

Electric pencil sharpener




Growth mindset postcards



Powerpoint clicker

Academic diary/organiser file

Bingo machine