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Great Explorers: Christopher Columbus and Ibn Battuta!

Great Explorers: Christopher Columbus and Ibn Battuta!

Within this varied, interesting, and engaging lesson, students aim to build their knowledge of two of history’s most famous explorers: Christopher Columbus and Ibn Battuta. Students utilise their independent learning skills to research the two travelers, utilise map-reading and geographical skills to improve their knowledge of their journeys, and draw comparisons and contrasts between the two. The lesson follows a clear and logical learning journey, which requires students to: - Consider the skills and characteristics required to be a learner, and apply them to real life contexts; - Share what they already know about the two explorers, and use their curiosity to devise new questions about them; - Employ their independent learning skills to find out the key events and journeys in the lives of the two explorers; - Plot the locations of their expeditions on a world map, and consider questions about their journeys based upon what they see; - Compare and contrast the key features of each explorer, using connectives and key facts; - Peer assess each others' learning using the simple but appropriate success criteria. Included in this lesson are: - Comprehensive, informative, whole-lesson PowerPoint presentation; - Helpful recording template for the research task; - World map for tracking their expeditions, with questions as an extension task; - Helpful and thorough teacher guidance/ lesson plan document, to assist implementation; - Cut-out copies of the learning objectives, to save time in the lesson. All images are licensed for commercial use, and are cited on the final slide.