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French Classroom Activities Bundle

French Classroom Activities Bundle

This is a bundle containing two daily classroom activities and a one week cultural presentation/activity. Items sold individually - $15.00 Bundle Savings of $4.50 (30%) ******************************************** 100 Days of French Class Bell Ringers / Bell Work This is 100 days of the bell ringers that I use in my French II-IV classes. There are two PowerPoints- idiomatic expressions and verbs of the day. Also included is the testing template. Lastly, I have added a few notes of tips and tricks that I have learned from doing this for a few years to help this activity run more smoothly. All the work is already done for you! ******************************************** French Class Daily Activity - Quel temps fait-il? This is an activity that my students and I do to start class every day. No lesson on weather is needed when it is done every day! I have all of these weather cards posted in one of my classroom windows. When the question "Quel temps fait-il?" is asked at the beginning of every class, the designated weather person takes whichever cards the class says and sticks them to the wall. ******************************************** La Francophonie Mondiale - Lesson plans/PowerPoints/Activites on Francophonia This is a lesson I did with my students at the beginning of the year, although it can be done at any time. I did it with levels 1 all the way up to 4, and it was very engaging for every student. It is a 4 day planned out unit on where and why French is spoken throughout the world. Students also internalize the colors red, blue, green, and yellow. The world is broken down into five regions- France, Western Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia. Each region has its own PowerPoint (Asia and Africa combined), along with labeling/coloring activities as well. I have provided a step-by-step lesson plan for all four days, as well as a bonus opportunity (or graded activity if you choose to edit it that way) for students to do at the end of the unit. I have also included pictures of the end result of the bonus activity from my classroom. If you want to include videos in/with the PowerPoint presentations, you will need to search online. I have intentionally left them out in order to not infringe on copyright protections.