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Spanish Mega bundle for beginner - 10 lessons with student Booklet and 5 unit plan

Spanish Mega bundle for beginner - 10 lessons with student Booklet and 5 unit plan

Teaching Spanish to beginners can be great fun! Once you have your ready-to-go interactive lessons and your planning ready from A to Z, that’s great! Wait! Do you have everything ready? Both your unit plans and lessons? Maybe…not. Don’t panic then. I know how busy the life of a teacher is so I have created this MEGA bundle that combines Unit plans worth 30-35 hours of teaching AND PPT lessons with activity booklets worth at least 10 hours of teaching. If you are short on time and don’t know where to start and which progression to follow, this pack is the answer you are looking for. Each lesson contains a powerpoint with about 30/40 slides with a clear progression so that you don’t need to worry too much about your planning. Each lesson also contains an exercise book with about 10 pages so that students can keep a written record of the lesson. Not to mention that you will get guiding notes to help you with your teaching and all the activities are corrected to save you time! Each lesson combines vocabulary and grammar along with games and practice. The activities are varied to allow your students to work at their own pace and according to their different learning styles. You will find word searches, quizzes, reading, speaking, writing activities and much more! Here are the following topics you will find in this pack: Unit Plan 1: Self-introduction/Bienvenidos Unit Plan 2: Home/Mi casa Unit Plan 3: My family and friends/ Mi familia y amigos Unit Plan 4: My life/Mi vida Unit Plan 5: School/Al colegio Lessons: 1. School subjects 2. Classroom objects 3. Countries and nationalities 4. Numbers from 0 to 30 5. Numbers from 30 to 100 6. Telling the time 7. Daily routine 8. House 9. Family 10. Clothes