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Hinduism - Diwali

Hinduism - Diwali

This ready-to-teach lesson plan pack comes complete with:*A full lesson plan including success criteria, activity instructions and suggested order of use;*A scripted story with a supporting presentation to enhance delivery, worksheets, slides, visual tools and other teaching materials for learning and engagement;*Individual Learning Contract incorporating a range of higher order thinking skills and essential skills to promote independence and self directed learning;*The exploration of key language skills for cross curricular teaching.

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114 Hindi Writing Worksheets For Writing Practice  - These are designed so you translate English

114 Hindi Writing Worksheets For Writing Practice - These are designed so you translate English

***** Please note - these resources provide visual prompts and support to the students, not direct language instruction ************** Welcome to the Let’s Write in Hindi! pack.There are lots of ways of using this teaching pack. It could be used as writing assessment for students learning Hindi. The students could write about a topic in Hindi before starting a unit, and then write again about the topic, using the second worksheet at the end of the topic to see how much they have progressed.It could also be used as an introduction to guided writing. Students can write sentences as a class and share the sentences together and they can then write them on their own. Alternatively, students could work in pairs - one student dictates to the other what to write down about what they see in the picture.These pages could also be used to write different stories, using the pictures as a stimulus.

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Hinduism Religion Study - Hindu

Hinduism Religion Study - Hindu

Hinduism This Kid's Life is a booklet that focuses on how a child lives daily life in a their religion. This particular book tracks the life of a boy named Arun who is a Hindu boy living in India.Included:1. A pre-test to see what your students know about the Hindu religion2. A 3 page letter from Arun that describes his life as a Hindu boy3. Facts about Hinduism and discussion questions4. Word Search Puzzle5. Secret Code Puzzle6. Create a Diwali Candle Mobile7. Create a Desara Elephant8. Create Henna9. Postcard Writing Activity10. Hindu Writing Activity11. Hindi Phrases12. Crossword Puzzle about Hinduism13. Similarities and Differences Organizer and Writing ActivityRelated Products:World Religions - HUGE DISCOUNT!IslamJudaismAll artwork is original and create by myself. Thanks for looking at my products,Yvonne Crawford

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Diwali Class Play or Assembly including The Story  of Rama & Sita

Diwali Class Play or Assembly including The Story of Rama & Sita

Divali Class Play or Assembly including The Story of Rama & SitaDuration: 10 – 15 minutes reading time (more time added on for presentation of craft work)Cast Size – 30 (easily adaptable up or down)This assembly can be done by one class of 30 i.e. 20 children plus 10 in the Rama and Sita play (the cast size can be reduced by doubling up on the lines of the 20)OrThis script could be put on by two classes:– One class (younger children?) taking the lines of the 20 children (who have simple one-liners explaining what happens at Divali) and holding up art and craft work they have produced: *Rangoli patterns and divas, presents, Happy Divali cards, new clothes and jewellery, henna patterns on hands and feet, fireworks, samosas and poppadums.– One class taking on the ten characters in the Rama and Sita play (with additional supporting roles added e.g. demons and monkeys, if the rest of the class are to be included)Also available off TES and www.plays-r-ussell.com : Scripts on Gandhi, Indus Valley Civilisation plus another Class Play on India; plus Legends and Myths from Around the World. Sample Text:Narrator: .......... But enough of this! On with the play! (Pointing to players on stage) Seems like one big happy family (pauses) … or was it?(All exit apart from King Dasharatha sitting on a chair/throne, clutching his head and moaning)King Dash.: Oh dear! I’m getting old and life is becoming so difficult! What is a foolish old king, like me, to do?(Queen Kaikeyi storms onto the stage)Queen Kaikeyi: (Menacingly) I’ll tell you exactly what a foolish old king like you is to do! (Shouting) Give me your crown! I want it for my son, Bharata!King Dash.: But what of Rama? My eldest? He was always meant to be king after me!Queen Kaikeyi: (Laughing contemptuously) Not anymore, he’s not! Not if I have anything to do with it!King Dash.: But Rama is the rightful heir to the throne. Not Bharata!Queen Kaikeyi: (Advancing on King, who cowers, covering his head) Aren’t we forgetting something? Just that little matter of you owing me two favours after I saved your life? (Shaking him) Remember?King Dash.: (Fearfully) As if I could forget!Queen Kaikeyi: So, dearie. About those two little favours. You’ll be glad to hear I’ve given them some thoughtKing Dash.: (Sheepishly) Oh wonderful!Queen Kaikeyi: And this is what I’ve come up with.King Dash.: (Sarcastically) Can’t wait!Queen Kaikeyi: One! I want Bharata crowned king! Two! I want your beloved Rama and that lovely wife of his (pauses before shouting) to be banished from this kingdom!

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