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How & why do Sikhs celebrate Bandi Chhorr Divas on Diwali?

How & why do Sikhs celebrate Bandi Chhorr Divas on Diwali?

Stand alone 1 hour lesson aimed as Y6 to Y8. First half looks at the story behind the Bandi Chhor festival and the second half looks at how Sikhs celebrate it. Can also be used in conjunction with "What is the story behind Bandi Chhor" All tasks are reviewed and progress is checked and assessed at 4 key point within the lesson and linked to levels and / or effort. Plenty of LOTS & HOTS and green pen reflection action. Pupils choose the main tasks they do and the level at which they do them. Great lesson to help pupils understand why Sikhs celebrate Diwali even though it is a Hindu festival. Able pupils are encouraged to compare Bandi Chhor to other religious festivals such as Diwali, Hanukkah, Eid & Christmas (Depending on previous learning) Also encouraged to compare to secular events such as the Holocaust & Prisoner Awareness day. Please review, I cannot improve without feedback.

By icyminx