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Mantis stalks cicada

Mantis stalks cicada

This video is a very good teaching resource either used as a tool to introduce Chinese idiom" The mantis stalks cicada"螳螂扑蝉,黄雀在后" and explore its profound cultural implications, or used as a component to introduce the concept of "food chain"食物链.

By Victoria_zyq

Biology: Scientific English for Chinese Students - Ecology

Biology: Scientific English for Chinese Students - Ecology

This resource consists of * 2 worksheets with 3 pages of science terms we use to discuss and describe aspects of ecology. The student is asked to either fill in the correct English word or Chinese word when the opposite word is given. * A crossword (and answers) that uses some of the English words in the above worksheets * A worksheet in English with missing words that the student must fill in (answers are provided). My students tell me they enjoy using these resources because they can use them as references afterwards rather than gluing in their book and forgetting about them. The students also enjoy drawing pictures to help them learn these words. If you find any mistakes please contact me. The Chinese words have been checked by a native speaker though he is does not have a science background.

By Drogchem

English Course For Chinese Students

English Course For Chinese Students

25 lessons based on an analysis of the Chinese Primary School Curriculum from Year 3-6 ( the first years English is taught ). Course builds systematically on language already acquired and contains a comprehensive teaching route. Course also makes use of classroom English to encourage students to use English as much as possible in real life situation. This book ' Setting Out' is the first version of a three book course to cover the Chinese primary school curriculum until the middle school years. In our experience students require just over one year to complete the first book which of course needs to be supplemented by additional resources to engage learners and to review language. A second version of the book, which will iron our some of the errors and weaknesses in the current book, will be made available by December 2015. The student workbook is one resource that can be used in conjunction with the textbook. Any comments about this resource will be welcomed.

By keaidedabiz