Primary Spanish resources: animals and pets

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KS3 Spanish: Easy Cover Lesson on Animals with Design your own Maze

KS3 Spanish: Easy Cover Lesson on Animals with Design your own Maze

This works best as a cover lesson. It is easy for non-specialists to follow but supports and challenges KS3 students of Spanish well. Could also be adapted for use in lessons by specialists. Lesson involves: Differentiated objectives and starter activity. Activity 1: team work to look up animals (displayed in Spanish on ppt) in dictionaries, again, differentiated. Next slide gives answers to students so they can write down whatever they were unable to find. Activity 2: differentiated translation task using animal vocabulary. Key words provided as well as higher challenge. Next slide contains answers for peer / self assessment. Main activity 3 'apply' task: students design maze (or maze from ppt could be photocopied) and draw in and label animals at different points in maze. Key words and higher challenges included. Pyramid review to finish.

By Miriam81

Spanish Sentence Building Colour Workbook K3-K6

Spanish Sentence Building Colour Workbook K3-K6

SPANISH SENTENCE BUILDING HIGH RESOLUTION COLOUR GRAPHIC WORKBOOK Reading Skills Writing Skills Vocabulary practice Includes 30 pages of: - Sentence- builders - Crosswords - Word searches - Matching exercises - Vocabulary puzzles - Multiple choice Spelling questions - Fill the Gaps exercises All presented with colourful graphics designed to engage young learners. ANSWER KEY INCLUDED Total Pages 50

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Languagenut Lesson Plans and Resources - Spanish - Unit 2 - Hobbies and Pets

Languagenut Lesson Plans and Resources - Spanish - Unit 2 - Hobbies and Pets is a dynamic and engaging language learning resource offering a variety of games and activities to help students learn a foreign language, as well as an innovative tracking tool so teachers can set homework and monitor progress. These free lesson plans and resources are designed to help teachers get the most out of Languagenut. Each unit pack includes: - 7 engaging lesson plans (one for each 10-word section, plus a revision/sentence-building lesson for the end of the unit), written by qualified teachers and covering all 4 key skills - Ideas for adapting each lesson to suit your class, including extension activities, suggestions for differentiation, homework activities and substitutions for low-tech classrooms - Full timings and guidance for teachers to help you access all the resources easily - Printable resources to complement the lessons and save you time - Teacher notes with useful tips about grammar points for each lesson, designed to help non-specialists This unit pack is for Languagenut's Unit 2 - Hobbies and Pets, covering useful phrases, numbers, hobbies, playtime and pets. These lessons are designed to be used for teaching Spanish. Looking for English, German or French lesson plans? Check out our custom resources and plans for these languages, including specific teacher notes on grammar points for non-specialists!

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Spanish Cover Worksheets

Spanish Cover Worksheets

A set of 13 time-saving worksheets to set quick, simple cover work. Suitable for younger students. Each worksheet includes bilingual vocabulary lists and simple activities (with instructions in English) for the students to complete at their own pace.

By corcuera

Animals in Spanish  Worksheets, Games, Activities and Flash Cards (with audio)

Animals in Spanish Worksheets, Games, Activities and Flash Cards (with audio)

Animals in Spanish worksheets, games, activities and flash cards (with audio). This bundle contains the following individual sets of resources: - African animals in Spanish - Animal body parts in Spanish - Baby animals in Spanish - Birds in Spanish - Birds 2 and Mini-beasts 2 in Spanish - Farm animals in Spanish - Forest animals in Spanish - Jungle animals in Spanish - Mini-beasts in Spanish - Other animals in Spanish - Other water animals in Spanish - Pets in Spanish - Plants and tress in Spanish - Polar and desert animals in Spanish - Sea creatures in Spanish For each of the above sub-topics, you receive the following: - Online games (with audio) - Poster - Flash cards - Matching activity - Label the images worksheets X 2 - Word search - Spelling worksheet A PDF and an editable version of each file is included. To see what these resources are like, please visit and download the similar resources on Numbers 0-10 for free. To find other Spanish vocabulary resources, please visit the Save Teachers' Sundays website. (Please ignore the PDF file - it has been uploaded so that a preview image is shown for the resources. You can find a version of this preview file without the logo watermark in the folder)

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NEWLY-REVISED AND UPDATED RESOURCE COMING FOR EASTER 2018! PERFECT FOR DEVELOPING LANGUAGE SKILLS IN SPANISH! SPANISH EASTER BUNNY ANIMALS GAMES CARDS are perfect for young learners of SPANISH. They provide lots of opportunities to learn a range of animals, both masculine and feminine, and really do help to create a lively language learning environment. Children can develop their skills in word recognition and recall, pronunciation, speaking, listening and reading in a cooperative, communicative and interactive way, independently of the teacher. They’re a great way of introducing the concept of gender, and of looking at determiners in SPANISH too. It doesn’t matter is any of the animals don’t feature in your immediate or even longer-term learning plan: the card games encourage children to engage happily and confidently with SPANISH, to identify cognates and to begin to link spelling with sound in SPANISH. They also help learners begin to work out the meaning of unknown words using visual clues and prompts. Along the way, children may even get to know some new animals! There are 100 cards in total, which include 2 sets of 50 cards to enable you to differentiate your games: - yellow bunny cards with the word written out in full in SPANISH, as well as the picture prompt. - blackline bunny cards with the word written out in full in ENGLISH, as well as the picture prompt - blackline bunny cards with the picture prompt only - yellow bunny cards with the word written out in full in SPANISH - this is really useful for word recognition and recall The animals featured are: - bee - bird - cat - chicken - cow - dog - duck - elephant - fish - fox - frog - giraffe - horse - lion - monkey - owl - parrot - pig - rabbit - sheep - spider - squirrel - tiger - tortoise/turtle - zebra I've suggested a range of really successful and popular games to play - play them games as often as possible around EASTER TIME for maximum benefit - the EASTER BUNNIES are always really popular with little learners! Playing against a timer adds some extra fun! Laminate the cards for longevity - you will be able to play the EASTER BUNNY games for many EASTERTIMES to come! The resource consists of a single, non-editable pdf file - I've included a couple of preview images so that you can see what the resource looks like. Please read the Terms of Use carefully - this resource is copyright, and for single-classroom use only. ¡MUCHAS GRACIAS Y FELICES PASCUAS!

By LivelyLearning

Mi Familia  GCSE 9-1- Revision Tasks (Year 10/11 AQA Spec)

Mi Familia GCSE 9-1- Revision Tasks (Year 10/11 AQA Spec)

Sometimes I find it difficult to give students revision tasks that will not require large amounts of printing and marking on my behalf. To overcome this I have recently tried this concept with my Year 10 group to help revise for their upcoming school assessments. Students have a sheet full of revision tasks. The tasks are divided into 3 groups and each group equates to set amount of time they should spend on a given task. The tasks vary from self assessing to peer assessing to resources they can create and use themselves in future. I have attached both .pdf and .doc for your editing needs. Claddagh Classrooms

By CladdaghClassrooms