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Future Plans -  Education

Future Plans - Education

An introduction to future plans concerning education. This lesson links well with Studio 3 Module 3. Slide 2 can be printed and used as a worksheet. Mini whiteboards are useful with this resource. My resource Future Plans - Lifestyle' is a great follow on to this lesson and is a very similar format.
Languagenut Lesson Plans & Resources - French - Unit 8 - Going to work

Languagenut Lesson Plans & Resources - French - Unit 8 - Going to work

Languagenut.com is a dynamic and engaging language learning resource offering a variety of games and activities to help students learn a foreign language, as well as an innovative tracking tool so teachers can set homework and monitor progress. These free lesson plans and resources are designed to help teachers get the most out of Languagenut. Each unit pack includes: - 7 engaging lesson plans (one for each 10-word section, plus a revision/sentence-building lesson for the end of the unit), written by qualified teachers and covering all 4 key skills - Ideas for adapting each lesson to suit your class, including extension activities, suggestions for differentiation, homework activities and substitutions for low-tech classrooms - Full timings and guidance for teachers to help you access all the resources easily - Printable resources to complement the lessons and save you time This unit pack is for Languagenut's Unit 8 - Going to work, covering jobs, workplaces, money, shopping, numbers and time. These lessons are designed to be used for teaching French. Looking for English, German or Spanish lesson plans? Check out our custom resources and plans for these languages, including specific teacher notes on grammar points for non-specialists!
Listening on topic of Jobs. Develop listening skills instead of testing them.

Listening on topic of Jobs. Develop listening skills instead of testing them.

This is a resource to accompany the expo 3 vert unit 2 listening assessment tracks on the topic of Jobs. It is designed to develop pupils' listening skills, rather than test their listening. The listening tracks are available to download from the Pearson website at http://www.pearsonschoolsandfecolleges.co.uk/Secondary/GlobalPages/ExpoVertDownload.aspx
A Level French Grammar points with Practice

A Level French Grammar points with Practice

Below is a selection of various grammar points in PPT and word formats for A Level students . _8 PPT presentations cover the following points : Pronouns, Adjectives, Subjunctive, Prepositions Comparatives, Relative pronouns, Indirect Speech, Perfect, Imperfect Tenses. _ You also have 2 Grammar booklets and conjugation exercises to practice these various grammar points.