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Plurals in Hungarian - A többesszám

Plurals in Hungarian - A többesszám

Plurals are a complicated matter in Hungarian. It seems simple but it isn’t. Lemme show: Plurals are created with suffixing k to things (not just nouns). So it almost seems simple given you have a (good) word which ends properly to a vowel (and a proper vowel… but to that later). So it looks like this Hungarian | English futó | runner futók|runners| What could be more simple right? No. Stuff usually ends with consonants in Hungarian, so we have to insert an extra vowel between the word and the k. Rules governing what vowel is that is about 85 pages long. I give you an example: Given the adjective vörös (yes adjectives have singular and plural casing rules) - which means red. The extra vowel here can be ö or e and the word will have a different meaning: vörösö*k* means things with a socialist attribute, like communist people vöröse*k* means multiple red objects … stay tuned :)