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AQA B1 revision sheets

Inspired by gavinterry24 I have created these revision sheets that cover the whole of B1.
By shooppoop

GCSE AQA Physics - P6.4 Internal Energy

New GCSE AQA Physics lesson on 'Internal Energy' written in line with new AQA Physics specification.

Lesson Outline:
Starter discussed whether a glass of water has energy of not to see what conclusions pupils can draw on this from previous lessons. This leads to a view of a substance on a microscopic scale to highlight that the particles are moving, therefore pupils should be able to deduce must have energy in order to move. Internal energy is then shown to be this energy in substance due to kinetic energy and potential energy. After revisiting the starter how to increase internal energy is discussed The different states of matter are review again but now in relation to internal energy with helpful graphics to support these points. How much energy in a substance is related to specific heat capacity which is typically covered earlier in the course so this provides a great opportunity to review of this topic. Lesson concludes with review questions.

Lesson Objectives:
- Explain what is meant by internal energy.
- Identify and explain how you can increase internal energy.
- Relate internal energy to properties of solids, liquids and gases.
- Explain how particles in a gas exert a pressure.
By Nteach

GCSE AQA Revision sheets

New AQA spec (2012) revision sheets can be either printed off or used as a power point presentation. Biology for unit 1 Chemistry and physics unit 2. Please rate the resources, many thanks.
By pikey1

Electrolysis C2 AQA Lessons and Worksheets

A few lessons on Electrolysis in C2 - Starting with a recap of ions, and properties of ions in solution/molten, products of electrolysis of molten compounds, uses of electrolysis and products of electrolysis of solutions. Some slides have been adapted from a couple of other powerpoints on TES (thanks!). I have included some sheets I used to differentiate for Foundation/Higher tier students. There is also an exam question which I printed double sided with the mark scheme on the back.
By eloisecatriona

HSW Choice chamber

KS3 (Year 7/8) choice chamber with woodlice or maggots.

Powerpoint contains, presentation, pratical worksheets, exam questions, and starter/plenary.
Has old levels powerpoint and a No levelled powerpoint.

Engaging pratical taught millions of times everything included that is needed.
Goes through variables, predictions, methods, diagrams, conclusion and evalaution. Great proper pratcial lesson.
By riches1157

Edexcel CB2 Revision Worksheet

Double sided A3 revision worksheet for the CB2 topic in the new Edexcel science GCSE (9-1).

Includes content to revise:
- CB2a Mitosis
- CB2b Growth In Animals
- CB2c Growth In Plants
- CB2d Stem Cells
- CB2e The Nervous System
- CB2f Neurotranmission Speeds
By Paul Foster