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SaleSocial Story-Dealing With Anger

Social Story-Dealing With Anger

This resource is a social story about how to deal with anger in a primary school context. Read the story to your whole class. Print out the story and put it in the classroom library. Send the story home to parents who can reiterate the message learnt at school.

By martinesmith81

Top tips for Engaging Struggling Students

Top tips for Engaging Struggling Students

A sheet crammed with tips for engaging students who struggle, either due to SpLD or purely find listening and following difficult. This can be used as a checklist for your teaching, regardless of the subject.

By Sazo123

Evaluation writing frame.

Evaluation writing frame.

swap words in and out as needed for a varitey of projects. The smiles are ideal for pupils to express how proud they are of there product, particuarly if this form of emotional expression is difficult for them to understand.

By emma_louisebarton

SalePrimary Art Ideas Bundle

Primary Art Ideas Bundle

Designed so that you are never stuck for another idea for a primary art lesson ever again in your career - and at a massive discount!Everything is ready-to-teach and super easy for any teacher, and all the activities and lessons will be loved by any primary age children.Lessons cover a wide range of topics, skills and materials which means that they can be taught at any time of a school year or easily adapted to meet your planning, topic or learning focus.Buy with confidence from a bestselling TES Gold Tiered AuthorAll images either copyright owned by tftf or licensed through Creative Commons C.0

By TheFutureTeacherFoundation

SaleEarly Years Literacy Resources Bundle - Over 100 Pages

Early Years Literacy Resources Bundle - Over 100 Pages

SAVE 40% - This Early Years Literacy Resources Bundle contains a wide variety of materials to enhance reading, writing, handwriting and creative thinking skills.First up, are 2 popular resources that teach about basic punctuation, with the bestselling one being 10 worksheets to practice adding full stops.Next is 10 fully resourced learning experiences that will help your little learners to develop their understanding of phonics, writing and spellingIncluded as well are 60 colouring pages designed for children in the EYFS, which can be used as you wish, but we recommend using them to inspire writing, creative describing and language development.Also included are 52 pages of basic letter formation handwriting pages complete with colourful pictures. So handy to have up your sleeve!All created by bestselling Gold-Tiered TES Authors The Future Teacher Foundation.All images either copyright owned by tftf or licensed through creative commons C.0

By TheFutureTeacherFoundation



Resources included are as follows:PDF or PPT files for you to print. 100 reward charts to print. Each with a different picture or slightly different design. Most are sized A4 but there are some which are pocket sized. A range of characters and other designs are included. Also includes large lettering spelling ‘well done’ to head a wall display.

By hayleyhill

SaleAuditory Perception

Auditory Perception

This 20-lesson unit is designed to help teachers evaluate students’ ability to understand and appropriately respond to verbal information. The exercises may also be used to assist in the development of listening and following direction skills. “How would you feel if a bull was chasing you?” “Is a potato a fruit?” “Wink your eye!”For those students who find verbal response difficult, or to add an element of fun, picture response cards have been included.

By RemediaPub

SaleGeographical Enquiry Skills Crossword (and more)

Geographical Enquiry Skills Crossword (and more)

KS3 Geography begins with a topic on Geographical Enquiry Skills. Geographical questions. Media. Bias. Accuracy. Beliefs. Values. Reports. etc. This simple crossword reinforces the skills involved in simple geographical enquiries and reinforces the way in which the language of the topic is used. This resource includes three more crosswords: European countries and their capitals, Asian countries and their capitals, and African countries and their capitals. Of course, the solutions are also included.Crosswords are simple, easy, and effective for reinforcing language skills, spelling, problem solving and of course they help students with handwriting issues. Best of all, the students enjoy the challenge of crosswords, whether done in small groups/teams, or as an individual activity. My preference is to use them as a small group activity because the students learn from each other and the whole activity becomes a competition. Look for new KS3 Geography and History crosswords each week. Print them off and store them away for homework activities or for when colleagues are absent.


SaleBehaviour star chart.

Behaviour star chart.

I use this as a quick reward chart for children who are displaying unwanted behaviour. They can add 4 stars in one session and then I have a series of pictures with reward on that they can do with a friend. I decrease of increase the stars depending on the age of the child.

By York24



This resource includes 10 Apps for Children with Special Needs. These applications are perfect for your unique child, and that he enjoys using these apps just as much as you enjoy watching him learn and grow!

By john421969

SaleFollowing Directions

Following Directions

A variety of activities including coloring, tracing, puzzles, and mazes to strengthen visual perception as students learn to follow instructions. This 4-book set includes both Gr. K-1 and Gr. 1-2 books.

By RemediaPub

SaleIndependence rewards charts

Independence rewards charts

The download includes two pdf documents which promote independant learning.Document one includes the 'I can work on my own' visual prompt and three work prompts. It also includes four empty boxes where the learner can earn stickers as they complete tasksDocument two includes the 'I can do things by myself' visual prompt followed by 6 stars. As the child completes independent tasks they can move their counter/toy up the star path to the largest star for a reward.

By zvlovegrove

SaleBeginning Following Directions Skills 1

Beginning Following Directions Skills 1

Diverse direction exercises! Packed with puzzle, maze, cut-and-paste, tracing, and dot-to-dot activities designed to make following directions fun, this creatively illustrated book is sure to boost basic thinking and direction skills. With 20 lessons in all, exercises range from “tracing a dancing clown” and “getting Chirpy through a maze to his nest,” to “correctly ordering three drawings of a boy brushing his teeth.”

By RemediaPub

SaleABC - Surviving Ofsted of an Extended SEN Provision

ABC - Surviving Ofsted of an Extended SEN Provision

If the whole idea of having your SEND provision inspected seems daunting, then this easy guide (presented as a power point to help with CPD) will be an invaluable help. It provides simple easy to follow points, requirements and checklist of evidence trail, so that everything is to hand when they arrive.

By teachmomo

SalePE Medium Term Plan (x2) for PMLD & SLD & MLD

PE Medium Term Plan (x2) for PMLD & SLD & MLD

2 medium term plans for PE for those working with students with Special needs.The first medium term place is for those with students ranging from SLD to MLD (P3ii to NC3) and following a Gymnastics topic. Examples of Gymnastics lesson and activities can be found in my shop to accompany this medium term plan.The second medium term is for those with students ranging from (PMLD to SLD) P2ii to P6 and following a body awareness/multi-skills physical program. Examples of accompanying lesson plans for these medium term plans can also be found in my shop.Both sets of medium term plans have examples targets that can be worked on over a term for students working at P levels N2ii up to NC3 and all levels in-between.

By GoldSEN

SaleSEND Strategies for Differentiation Success in your classroom

SEND Strategies for Differentiation Success in your classroom

Individual Educational Plan to specifically support SEND students. Use the strategies in your lessons to differentiate for SEND students. These plans were drawn up to support in Humanities lessons but would transfer to other subjects.Local Authority, Ofsted have said that is is exemplary SEND practice. I have written codes for the below areas of need. On your lesson plan write the code and the strategy number next to the initials of the child. Keep the IEPs in your teaching file with the students name on. Practical strategies that support the new SEND code of practice. Various strategies to use in lessons depending on the need of the child. Area of SEND need covered includes:SPLD Dyslexia General Literacy difficultiesDyscalculia DyspraxiaADHD Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity DisorderBESD Behavioural, Emotional and Social difficulties including ODD Oppositional Defiant DisorderAutismAsperger Syndrome Hearing ImpairedEditable file to personalise to your department.

By lesleyann75

SaleBeginning Following Directions Skills 2

Beginning Following Directions Skills 2

Diverse direction exercises! Example: Draw an owl on the cactus. If ducks have 4 feet, cross out the S'sPacked with puzzles and drawing exercises designed to make following directions fun, this creatively illustrated book is sure to boost basic comprehension and direction skills. With 20 lessons in all, exercises are sure to keep students interested as they learn.

By RemediaPub

SaleApplying for Jobs

Applying for Jobs

This bundle contrains lessons, handouts and activities which cover the following aspects of applying for jobs:Career Planning and Personal Skills ReviewsConflict Management and Coping with SetbacksStress AwarenessEmployability Skills WorkshopEmployment Letter Writing Knowing Where to Look for Jobs

By psyjess

SaleAnger Social Story

Anger Social Story

Can be used to talk through anger issues or being angry at school. It include introductory statement:' sometimes I feel angry. This is ok. Everybody feels angry sometimes.'It then goes on to briefly outline how to recognize anger and how to calm down.

By zvlovegrove

SaleGeneral behaviour prompts

General behaviour prompts

Symbol and word behaviour prompt cards. Could be used on a lanyard or as part of a communication system. Would benefit all.Includes:good walkinggood listeninggood lookinggood sitting (on chair and on crossed legged)good walkinggood waitinggood lining upquiet talkingno talkingno shoutingno runningkind handskind feetkind words

By zvlovegrove

SaleNational Award of SEN Masters Degree Level Academic Research Essay Assignments.

National Award of SEN Masters Degree Level Academic Research Essay Assignments.

These editable word essay assignments were moderated, assessed and passed by the University for the Masters Level Award of Post graduated Certificate in Special Educational Needs Coordination. The National Award for SENCOs. They provide a critical analysis of inclusive education, an individual child level case study analysis and an analysis of SEN policies . All essays / assignments are written at a high academic standard and clearly referenced with supporting evidence. These will provide excellent opportunity for anyone studying an aspect of SEN at level 6 or 7 of the qualification framework. All assignments passed at masters level and will support people who are interested in learning about the role of the SENCO or students who are completing research learning in the field of special educational needs. 

By rcooke1

SaleClassroom Management ~ Talking Tickets!

Classroom Management ~ Talking Tickets!

This packet is a great idea for classroom management! In this packet, you will find six sheets of “Your Turn To Talk Tickets!” Students might place two or three tickets at the top corners of their desk during a direct instruction activity. When a student has a turn to talk in response to the activity, after speaking that student can give you one of his/her tickets. When the student’s tickets are gone, he/she can not talk again until the activity is different. You can make many, many variations for these tickets! Additionally, there are six other pages of “You Owe Me” tickets. These tickets might be issued to students when they forget and interrupt instruction and other students’ learning. These tickets state that they will owe you time! These tickets suggest that time is taken in increments and not all at one time!

By MissAlaneious

SaleClassroom Management: October Positive Notes of Praise!

Classroom Management: October Positive Notes of Praise!

This is an awesome set of notes for positive praise for the month of October. The set of three different positive praise notes are set against an October background and will bolster the motivation level of your students and will be a great source of encouragement. These notes can be given daily or weekly attached to signed papers. It is a great way of communication. Notes include statements such as: "I helped a friend, I tried hard, I finished all of my work,... etc."

By MissAlaneious

SaleMnemonics worksheet / spelling activity

Mnemonics worksheet / spelling activity

Mnemonics worksheet, easy to adapt to suit your students. Helpful way to help students to remember tricky spellings. The worksheet contains all font dark blue & century gothic, dyslexia friendly.

By jasmine1002003