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Arabic Alphabet

Arabic Alphabet

Product Description If you download this file, please; 1- Leave a comment 2- Follow my store for future materials notifications. Thank You الحروف من الألف إلى الياء(إضافة إلى التاء المربوطة) بألوان زاهية وتتضمن معها صور عالية الجودة والوضوح 29 alphabet posters including taa’ Marboutah. The alphabet posters show proper letter formation and include a picture of something that begins with that letter. After using and reviewing my products please kindly leave feedback which will allow others to assess the quality of my products and which will help me improve on them and future products inshaAllah! I strive for excellence, however, I am only human and also learning the Arabic language, so if you should find any errors please kindly send me an email at adel.m.abdelrazek@gmail.com. Enjoy…