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Year 2 Writing Curriculum - Instruction Writing

Year 2 Writing Curriculum - Instruction Writing

This 4 week homeschool curriculum is perfect for first graders and teaching them how to write their own how-to books. There are over 40 pages which include… Lesson plans Practice pages Unit posters Writing templates Unit rubric Each lesson is broken down into 3 sections: SECTION 1: Lesson Theme - This is the main point of the lesson and what the student should achieve by the end of that lesson SECTION 2: Bread And Butter - This is the actual lesson and what instruction will be carried out SECTION 3: Practice Pages And Other Teaching Points - This tells you which worksheets/practice pages you will need for that specific lesson There are 11 lessons altogether and each one is listed below: Lesson 1 - Intro to non-fiction and how-to books Lesson 2 - Planning: What can I teach about? Lesson 3 - Beginning stages of writing Lesson 4 - All about non-fiction text features Lesson 5 - Starting to write: All about titles Lesson 6 - Starting to write: Introductions Lesson 7 - Starting to write: Step 1 Lesson 8 - Using commas in different places Lesson 9 - Starting to write: Step 2, 3 and 4 Lesson 10 - Writing conclusions to how-to books Lesson 11 - Revising and Editing This curriculum also includes unit posters: What is a non-fiction text Using commas in the right place Making lists with commas Features of a non-fiction text Using connectives (Connection words) Writing checklist (Class and personal) Steps 2, 3 and 4 example Example conclusion There is also a writing rubric for this unit and a certificate included! Hope you and your kidos enjoy! Aron Rrustemaj (Pocketful of Creativity)