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Expand and Simplify Double Brackets

Expand and Simplify Double Brackets

A full lesson powerpoint and a word document lesson plan. The powerpoint consists of 2 starter activites, a RAG main activity with built in extension tasks. In addition to this there is a choice of plenaries that can be used as well as a simmering task and many examples that can be demonstrated. This resource has been designed as a ready to go lesson which would be ideal for anybody teaching expanding and simplifying double brackets to a secondary/high school class. Newer maths teachers and none specialists will find this a good resource to use when delivering a lesson. Even experienced practitioners may find it useful as a starting point or to use as a resource to support trainees that they are mentoring. I have also written a lesson plan detailing how best to use the powerpoint with timings and considerations for what starters and plenaries to use. I have tried to leave the examples blank to allow the teacher delivering the opportunity to use whatever technique they are most comfortable with. PS - Grid & Peanut is best :-) ALS