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Affirmations for Children

Affirmations for Children

Over 80 affirmations to use in the classroom. It is more important than ever that we look after children’s and our own wellbeing. This resource has been made with purpose of building children up in their return to the school environment. It can then be an ongoing practice that you use in your classroom! I have created groups of affirmations in poster form that link to different areas that may need to built on when returning to school. Affirmations for building confidence Affirmations for building growth mindset Affirmations for friendships and respect Affirmations for good health Affirmations for managing emotions Affirmations to calm stress and anxiety This bundle also includes a document with all affirmations on a grid so that you can use them any way you see best for your class/group/individuals. I have also included a guidance sheet which gives some basic guidance on how they can be used in the classroom. I really hope this is a helpful resource and that it can support children in their wellbeing. It may also be useful for staff and adults in schools too! Good luck!