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Resources made by me and shared for free.




Resources made by me and shared for free.
Painting in Continuous Provision (Labels)

Painting in Continuous Provision (Labels)

I work in a Nursery School where there is a childcare provision. We therefore have a ‘baby room’ and a ‘toddler room’ in addition to the Nursery School classroom. In each room there are paints in pots and easels. What new skill are they learning with the resources provided? Admittedly their artwork should improve as they develop but I wanted to add more thought to the skills that I wanted them to learn through their play e.g. mixing, quantity, responsibility, cause and effect. I have now set up a self dispensing paint provision using a palette rather than paint pots. It means that they have the ability to mix paint to create new colours. Also a range of painting materials have been provided, not just the typical thick paint brush. I printed the labels onto A4 self adhesive sheets and cut them to size. To stop the paint from drying out and clogging the pump I have added water and a drop of dishwasher detergent. If they do clog, soak the pump in warm water and leave overnight. The bottles themselves came from Poundstretcher and originally had hand soap in them. Skills based learning, adding challenge to the painting provision #EYFS #learningthroughplay #learningthroughart #ContinuousProvision