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Christmas Writing Activity for Advanced and Upper Intermediate Students

Christmas Writing Activity for Advanced and Upper Intermediate Students

Hello teachers! Hope you are doing great :D I have something for you to practice at least 3 of the English skills with your advanced and elementary students. There is a small quantity of resources to work Christmas vocabulary with advanced students so I know we all need this one. I have for you Tragic Christmas Stories, it’s a series of 7 different stories about Christmas. They only have the title (headline) and a worksheet with all the questions needed to guide them. So, the idea is for them to create a story using their creativity. Next, they have to create their own Newspaper where they put in their stories to present it on the class. There’s also an optional Role-play for them to do a TV News Report, if you have some extra minutes. I also recommed you to do this activity in pairs or in groups of 3 students, it’d be easier for them. This one don’t need any preparation, just download and print (or use it digital) and have fun with your students. Includes a PDF with all tragic 7 stories for them to fill in and 1 complety empy for them to create everything from 0. It’s excellent to practice the different tenses and also a little bit of passive voice. Let me explain how it works: The first page is where you have the headline and all the questions they need to create their story. The second page is where they put their news. I also added some funny stories, a comic and a christmas riddle for them. The third page is the role-play. For this, they need to be in pairs or in groups of 3. But the activity it’s excellent for that, so not worries. If you like it and use it for your students, don’t forget to follow me and leave a message here to let me know how it went. Enjoy and happy teaching!