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FDP game

FDP game

Easiest with fractions I’ve found but heres the game Very simply you take a number (no. of students rounded to an even number) and get the students without talking to each other to represent the fraction of amount by doing so I usually go with standing up. You can make the questions as hard or easy as you like and give them as much time as needed (I like to countdown and speed it up every time) if the students fail to get the correct amount in the time limit or talk you get a point if they get it right they get a point. For example get the class to represent the fraction of amount to stand up say 1/2 of 28 so then with 10 seconds 14 of the students have to communicate to each other WITHOUT talking keeps it quiet and makes it more fun. you can change time, fraction, fraction of amount even use percentages and decimals Nice way to end a fraction of amount lesson. Done this a few times in Ghana and England!