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Scientific Apparatus - KS3 and KS4

Scientific Apparatus - KS3 and KS4

Here is a collection of 28 pictures of most commonly used scientific apparatus found in a KS3 and KS4 science lab in any secondary school. Each picture has a photograph of a scientific apparatus with it’s scientific name, scientific diagram, and a short description of it’s uses in the science lab. The PowerPoint presentation can be printed and laminated for the wall display, as well as, to teach a lesson. When I was given a new KS3 class to teach I wanted to introduce them with all the commonly used lab apparatus they will be using during the school year but could not find anything with the scientific diagram and description. So I decided to create my own. I used this presentation to teach them the very first lesson about scientific apparatus then printed it for the wall display. Now I know that my students will never struggle in writing list of equipment and method during a scientific investigation. List of Scientific Apparatus: conical flask test tube test tube rack boiling tube bung measuring cylinder bunsen burner tripod gauze retort stand boss clamp tongs test tube holder g-clamp pipette pestle & mortar petri dish watch glass spotting tile crucible evaporating dish pooter microscope microscope slide cover slip funnel