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Resources focus on two areas; Music lessons and activities and school assemblies.




Resources focus on two areas; Music lessons and activities and school assemblies.
Careers in Music -  Key Stages 3 to 5

Careers in Music - Key Stages 3 to 5

**Careers in Music ** Poster/Display Set with matching PowerPoint Presentation Key Stages 3 to 5 Support your careers provision and put ‘Careers in Music’ under the spotlight. Get the dialogue started with this age-appropriate set of posters and matching PowerPoint presentation. This colourful pack will act as a reference point for a wide range of music-related careers for your students to consider and explore. Each A4 poster includes a job title and a brief job description. Jobs include; *Accompanist, A&R coordinator, Audio Programmer, Backing Singer, Booking Agent, Composer, Concert Promoter, Conductor, DJ, Instrument Technician, Instrumental Tutor, Jingle Writer, Lyricist, Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Music Agent, Music Archivist, Music Blogger, Music Journalist, Music Producer, Music Publicist, Music Teacher, Music Therapist, Musician, Piano Tuner, Roadie, Session Musician, Sound Technician, Talent Agent, Theatre Stage Manager, Tour Manager, Vocal Coach. There is also a title poster ‘Careers in Music’. This resource includes; • A set of 32 colourful, printable music-related career posters, each including job title and brief job description. Presented in PDF – Great for classroom display • A matching set presented through PowerPoint – Great for class discussion and extended career work. If you enjoyed this resource, go check out my shop for more music lessons and activities from Newtonlab! https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/Newtonlab Terms of Use: These materials are intended for personal classroom use only. Buyer does not have rights to share or distribute.