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History resources to engage and educate.




History resources to engage and educate.
The Development of Castles puzzle!

The Development of Castles puzzle!

Can your students beat the puzzle code and find out at least three things that changed about castles? This word code puzzle is about how castles developed int eh medieval period. It is an interesting topic and works well as a bell ringer or introduction to the topic. It also works well simply as a brain teaser for any lesson including morning registration to get the brain cells working!. Students have to work out the letter/number code and fill in the paragraph accordingly. Four letters have been given already to help start them off. I introduce an element of competition to keep my classes focused. Not only do they have to fill in the paragraph they must pick out at least 3 key facts and be the first to tell me as the teacher. There is also a hidden question as extra challenge for students to come up with their own answers to. This keeps the students heads down and learning!