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History resources to engage and educate.




History resources to engage and educate.
Back to School Cryptogram Puzzle

Back to School Cryptogram Puzzle

Going back to school can be a challenging time for many people. Can your students beat the puzzle code and work out the advice in the paragraph? It works well as an icebreaker at the start of term or simply as a brain teaser. Students have to work out the letter/number code and fill in the paragraph accordingly. Four letters have been given already to help start them off. I introduce an element of competition to keep my classes focused with a small prize for the first to finish. This puzzle contains an extension whereby the class have to come up with their own advice to new students. This keeps the students heads down and learning something! YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: PUZZLE GROWING BUNDLE: Click here Get the year off to a smooth start! The answer key is included. TERMS OF USE: This download (free or purchased) is for your own personal use in your classroom or your home. Please do not share my resources with others unless given explicit consent by me. Please direct them to my store instead. This download MAY NOT be used in whole or in part on any distance learning course platforms including, but not exclusive to, Outschool or Udemy. You may not share this download. You may not alter any item in this download, resell and claim as your own work. Similarly, you may not sell or share these resources with anyone and you may not use the contents of this download to create anything for commercial purposes or other commercial products. If you are an education board or school and would like to use my resources district wide, please contact me about licensing. ©Amy Hughes (MsHughesTeaches) All rights reserved.