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Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe - 8 Day Short Story Unit Plan

Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe - 8 Day Short Story Unit Plan

This is an 8 day, 65 page Common Core aligned unit plan for “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe. This unit focuses on making evidence-based inferences and argumentative writing. Students will: close read, discuss, and answer text-dependent questions citing evidence; analyze the mood and tone of the story; write a short formal analysis of the mood/tone; analyze the narrator’s guilt by collecting evidence; write an argumentative essay citing evidence to prove the narrator guilty of murder or insanity; and take a final inference test. This unit has everything you need to teach, including daily lesson plans and answer keys! This product includes: •Daily lesson plans •Anticipation guide •Multiple writing prompts •Vocabulary task cards with answer key •Prediction exit ticket •Full “Tell-Tale Heart” text, numbered by paragraph for easy citing •Text-dependent discussion questions with answer key •Mood & tone analysis sheet with answer key •Mood & tone exit ticket •Mood & tone sort with answer key •Choice of two mood & tone analysis prompts with graphic organizers •Rubric for mood & tone analysis •Insanity plea activity with answer key •Insanity plea strongest evidence graphic organizer •“Says, Means, Matters” evidence graphic organizer with sample answer •Argumentative essay outline, rough draft, and final draft sheets •Peer revision and peer edit sheets •Grading rubric •15 question final inference test with answer key f you like this product, please leave feedback! Questions? Please email teachwitherika@gmail.com © Erika Forth www.teachwitherika.com Updated 12/1/18