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Flint 1, Art: original poems & activities

Flint 1, Art: original poems & activities

When struck against steel, flint produces sparks which ignite fire. The fire is active creativity – yours and your pupils’. You are the steel. This resource is flint. Let the striking commence! So, what is Flint? Actually? 4 original poems and 10ish practical ideas for using them to teach art, presentation skills, history, storytelling and biology. (The fourth poem is a Tinybird story. I think you’ll really like Tinybird.) Flint is a way to get poetry into any part of the school day. It’s a resource for teachers who understand that everything is connected. It’s fun. It’s thought-provoking. It’s four starting places with at least 10 paths to wander. Poem titles: — Every superhero needs a super villain. This is a poem about mine. — Forgotten felt-tips — The Cloud of Unknowing, a poem with only one rhyme and a disappointing end — Tinybird and the alligator (You can see Forgotten felt-tips and other poems from the Flint series in the Flint playlist on YouTube) The best way to understand Flint is to download Flint 1 – Art. It’s free! The poems are followed by activities and topics for discussion. The first ideas are about art. But it’s not just art, there are also ideas about presentation skills, history, storytelling and biology. Along with uses that are specific to the poem, Flint includes 9 practical ways to work with any poem.