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Picture Puzzle Crosswords

Picture Puzzle Crosswords

These picture puzzle crosswords are made with very simple, neat and clean way, Children will easily read, understand and can solve all puzzles. Children learn concepts better when they do it in more than one way. So teach them the same concept in multiple ways. Many benefits of Solving Picture Puzzle Crosswords like :- Its enhance your sharper thinking skills, Improve your vocabulary and trivia knowledge. All puzzles contain one-picture clue, your mission is to find the correct answer. Now you face a challenge as you try to come up with just the perfect word. Once you’ve found the word and it fits, you’re elated with your success. **Topics of Picture Puzzle Crosswords are :- FLOWERS FRUITS VEGETABLES WILD ANIMALS DOMESTIC ANIMALS SEA ANIMALS BIRDS INSECTS CLOTHES FOOD HOUSE INDOOR GAMES OUTDOOR GAMES MUSICAL TRANSPORT SHAPES COLORS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES REPTILES COMPUTER WEATHER DRY FRUITS STATIONARY KITCHEN BATHROOM TOOLS BEDROOM COUNTRIES *** Answer Keys are included***