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Differentiated Spanish Distance Learning

Differentiated Spanish Distance Learning

A booklet to work alongside the BBC Comedy Series La Poli. Pupils should watch each episode and then there are between 1-3 activities on each episode. These include vocabulary based match up activities or grammatical tasks (present and preterite tense). The booklet is mainly aimed at my year 8 ab initio classes but could be adapted for more able students with more prior knowledge (such as KS4/GCSE pupils). The activities are differentiated and there is at least one BONUS question per episode. The smiley faces show how difficult/easy a task is with :) indicating that everyone should be able to complete this and :) :) :) for the top end to be stretched. This allows for personalisation to set expectation to individuals. This was originally created for distance learning but it could be split up into separate homework sessions or used to compliment the learning of a grammar point (present tenses/pluralisation).