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The Wordsmith DEMO (PPT Vocabulary Boardgame- CEFR B2/Grades 10-12 )

The Wordsmith DEMO (PPT Vocabulary Boardgame- CEFR B2/Grades 10-12 )

This freebie is a DEMO version of my editable POWERPOINT Vocabulary boardgame aimed at brushing up different vocabulary areas (word formation, collocations, synonymity & definition). It was originally meant to train students in the Use of English paper featured in Cambridge’s B2, C1 & C2 exams. Although the questions included are aimed at B2/Upper intermediate level students, the game can be adapted to suit lower or higher levels and be played by either native or non-native speakers of the language. **LEARNING OBJECTIVE: **To practise giving definitions, finding synonyms and collocations, and deriving words by using an assortment of suffixes and prefixes. GAME OBJECTIVE: To be the first player/group to collect five word formation points, five definition points, five collocation points, and five synonym points. This DEMO contains only one of the categories featured in the full version- Word Formation- for you to sample the material and get acquainted with the mechanics of the game. The unabridged version, which you can buy from my store, includes: full colour boardgame animated dice 6 movable pieces 1 editable scoreboard slide (for both partial and total scores) 4 grids with 140 editable questions (ONLY ONE GRID IN THIS DEMO) an answer key instructions