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School Closure Inter-House Challenges

School Closure Inter-House Challenges

In order to maintain the profile of our ‘House’ system and to offer students a break from regular academic tasks during the Covid19 school closure, I have set weekly tasks for our students and their families to attempt. Tasks so far include House of Cards, Make a Pinball Machine, Individual Balances, Origami, Bake cupcakes and Learn to Draw a Dinosaur, Build a Pringles Ring, Make a Face Mask and a Bundesliga Football Challenge. The PowerPoints are designed to take students through step-by-step or lead them to a video or resource which will help them through. I’ve tried to remove all references to our school in the PowerPoints, so they should be ready for you to add your own school or House names. Would be delighted to hear if one or some of them prove useful for anyone! Will continue to add more as long as the schools remain closed!