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"This is Me" - get to know new Year 7s

"This is Me" - get to know new Year 7s

How can Year 7 teachers quickly get to know their new pupils? When children fill in ‘This is Me’ booklet, teachers can REALLY get to know them as individuals, not just KS2 statistics. Make sure any child moving to secondary school has this booklet. Get them to fill it in, make copies and get them to hand it to ALL their teachers in Year 7. Why? When children are in primary school, they often have a single teacher for an entire year. And the Year 6 teachers have probably seen the children move up the school from Reception. The teachers REALLY know their children. And then there is Year 7… The teachers don’t know the children, don’t know what they like and dislike, their best subjects, or their fears and anxieties. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Download This is Me PDF from** primary2secondary** now – it’s FREE There is lots more information about transition under ‘Resources’ on our website: www.primary2secondary.co.uk