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KS2: Parliament & The Monarch

KS2: Parliament & The Monarch

KS2 Humanities: presentation & comprehension activity about the UK Parliament and the Monarch. I created this PowerPoint presentation for my Year 5 students explaining what Parliament is, the 3 different parts of Parliament and their roles, and included extra focus on the Monarch’s role in Parliament (as this was part of the Royal Family module, but this emphasis can be amended). This was made for an online activity during Covid-19 pandemic, so it’s mainly retrieval questions which can be done independently, but the resource can be adapted to include more inference questions or questions they’d have to independently research if you’d like to give the kids in your class a bit more of a challenge with your support! Hope this resource helps! Follow me on my teaching instagram for more resources, and be sure to drop me a message to let me know how you got on with it - @journeytoclass Disclaimer: some of the information on the powerpoint and comprehension sheet were adapted from mousemat007 ‘How does Parliament work’ worksheet.