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Teachers' Handwriting Resource Handbook by Christopher Jarman

Teachers' Handwriting Resource Handbook by Christopher Jarman

The emphasis throughout this NAPE edition of Christopher Jarman’s highly successful handwriting scheme is on teaching joined-up writing from the start. The scheme is based on the premise that, inorder to achieve a flowing legible hand, the writer should master eight basic patterns which form the foundation of all letter shapes. Worksheets containing these basic patterns and copy pages are included in the book and may be photocopied. In addition, there is advice on teaching handwriting to all age groups; including ideas and suggestions for project work. The NAPE edition Jarman Handwriting Scheme Handwriting Skills Workbook A & Handwriting Skills Workbook B Handwriting Skills Workbooks 1 to 6 And the Parents’ Guide to Handwriting Sample sheets to view and order from NAPE https://nape.org.uk/christopher-jarman-handwriting YouTube Videos are available on the teaching of handwriting in Primary Schools based on the Christopher Jarman Scheme https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNt9DtlpqrHqnmwee3voszw ISBN 978-1-5272-7035-0 The price includes postage and packing.