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"teaching by stimulating curiosity"

"teaching by stimulating curiosity"

I would definitely use the resources which may make learners feel engaged and their curiosity be stimulated, to feel the foreign language as something practical, connected to real life and situations and as a “key” to enter something undiscovered, interesting and attracting. So daily teaching “tools” can be realia (objects which are commonly used and/or recognized would help to make new words be memorized and to realize how the new language is not something abstract ), role-plays (fun is another important and helpful aspect when it comes to associate and memorize new words, phrases, grammar points, etc.), acting on a stage (being someone else for a moment would help to lay our native language aside and force us to use the one we are learning), art and hobby (describing what is our passion and what we are interested in strenghtens our writing and speaking skills and enriches our communication, making us feel more confident about it) , sport, photography (I’m a photographer too and photography can really be a perfect resource to set a context), newspapers analysis, videos (with and without subtitles) and audios, course books, etc…